Why are aluminum cups better than plastic?

Whenever you want to host a short family gathering, barbeque and other such events, you must buy single-use plastic cups as an integral part of preparation. But you already know how much harm these single-use plastic cups, bottles, and other products are bringing to the biodiversity and environment around us. 

Sea creatures are specifically getting affected by the plastic pollution. There are multiple negative points of using single-use plastic cups and other such products. But the most derogatory factor is that it takes at least 500 to 1000 years to decompose the plastic. And if you try to recycle plastics, with every recycle the product loses its quality. That is why nowadays plastics are mostly being used for landfills. In countries like America, 93 percent of plastics are used to fill lands.

But all of this can be changed if we use the aluminum cups manufactured by the Ball corporations. Yes, you heard that right, Ball has been manufacturing aluminum cups as a pilot project for some time now, and these cups have already been used in several major sports events and programs as a substitute for single used plastic cups.

The aluminum cups designed and manufactured by Ball have all the features that a single-use plastic cup can offer, but it does not stop there. With aluminum cups, you will get to experience more features without any negative consequences. If you are using plastic cups after your party ends, you will have to throw them all away. These thrown away plastic cups will be collected and then crushed. There are two options available, one to recycle them and the second to use them in landfills.

If you opt for recycling, then the quality of the plastic won’t be the same, which means you won’t be able to create the same quality product material as you did previously. This simply leads us to the question of what will happen if we continue to use polyethene at the same or equivalent rate. We may not know the proper answer, but we can albeit guess what may happen to us and to the environment that surrounds us. 

But all of these situations can be avoided if we simply stop using plastic cups and instead use the better and more environmentally friendly alternatives, that is, aluminum cups (because glasses are more costly and come with a substantial risk of breaking from fall or other accidents). Aluminum cups are the best alternative to single-use plastic cups because, firstly, it is not a ‘single-use product. Therefore unlike plastic cups which need to be used and thrown away, aluminum cups can be used how many times the user wants to. 

Now plastic cups are usually dumped, but aluminum, on the other hand, can be recycled thousands of times, but the quality of the product manufactured from the same material will remain unchanged. In terms of recycling, aluminum is way ahead of both plastics and glasses. So after you throw away the aluminum cups, they will be recycled to create new ones, and the process will continue

Aluminum cups will not only be very useful for your barbeque, party and events, but they will also help you reduce the overall environmental waste. And less waste means less pollution.

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