Where Can You Get Involved in Fashion Trend Prediction?

When you go to Trending, you’ll find our suggested trends in the same format as our monthly magazine, which is updated on a regular basis. On this page, we’ll go through the most popular categories, shapes, styles, components, textiles, and occasions in the current apparel wholesale industry and explain them.

How Do We Choose What’s Trending?

  1. A reputable website

We’ve linked to respected websites like WGSN, WHO WHAT WEAR, WWD, and other organizations that are experts on consumer and design trends throughout the world. By merging expert forecasting trends with data science, these websites help us better understand expert forecasting trends.

The professional fashion team at FondMart can provide you with the newest fashion and outfit recommendations from their fashion expert team through these websites, which serve as reliable sources of consumer intelligence and garment design guidance.

  1. Top Fashion E-commerce Platforms Around the World

We also looked at some of the most popular fashion e-commerce sites throughout the globe, delving into their trending and best-selling lists to have a better understanding of their success. We categorize and pick the most probable trends that are purchased by the firms in the leading fashion e-commerce platforms after we have combined the lists from hundreds of fashion e-commerce platforms. As a consequence, you can be certain that the trends we present are completely current in the fashion business.

  1. Magazines and Fashion Shows

Fashion shows and publications are great places to see what types of items designers will be showing in the future. For example, we can keep up with major fashion events like New York Fashion Week, where we may see a wide range of the most recent runway collections as well as style previews for the next seasons.

Furthermore, we get inspiration from well-known fashion publications such as Vogue, InStyle, ELLE, and others, where well-known designers often exhibit their newest goods and ideas. We also look at unique material, such as interviews with famous designers, which might help us detect the current fashion trends.

You may genuinely depend on our fashion trends based on their ideas and suggestions since the publications listed above have long had a strong reputation for presenting fashionable and unique fashion trends.

  1. Easily keep up with the latest trends

At FondMart, a professional fashion team will host monthly seminars to analyze apparel trends, together with hundreds of top-selling wholesalers. You won’t have to spend millions of dollars or a lot of time researching and developing clothing trends with our experienced designers since our team is ready to provide you with distinctive trends on time. All you have to do now is click the button and add the items to your shopping basket.

  1. Predict Your Top-Selling in the Not-So-Distant Future

The finest thing of our trending is that you may locate the latest styles even if your rivals aren’t aware of them. FondMart, on the other hand, is now offering wonderfully stylish garments that constantly include the newest styles. Even if you have no intention of purchasing any of the trends you see, you are now aware of the latest fashions and clothing kinds to keep an eye on.

Another benefit of trend forecasting is that you may drastically upgrade your apparel to sell ahead of schedule. We’ve also implemented an elimination method to guarantee that all trends shown on the site have great market potential and are likely to be the most popular in the near future. So don’t miss out on the chance to show off your finest selling to your target clients.

  1. Boost Sales to Increase Profits

According to trustworthy sources, garment sales in the United States increased by 47.5 percent in October 2021 compared to the same month in 2020. Furthermore, data reveals that 88 percent of customers like to buy for fashion. As you can see from the numbers above, the fashion clothes sector is a terrific location to generate money.

More than ever before, fashion is emphasizing simplicity, ease, affordability, and accessibility. Consumers today are prone to buying new and attractive attire every week. Fashion is a great priority for certain individuals. They want to stay up with the newest fashion trends in the current world, and they all want to seem trendy and fashionable.

Fast fashion has a significant economic effect. Consumers are attracted to the wide range of options and product availability. You will always have your target clients and make money as long as you can give the current fashion trends in clothing.

Fast fashion, on the other hand, is known for employing low-cost materials and cutting costs during manufacturing. Clothing of higher quality lasts longer, saving money and resources in the long term. We can present you with the highest-quality apparel from reputable vendors at FondMart. So, what do you have to lose? Please come in and have a look!