What is the requirement for the Canada study visa?

Getting a Canadian student visa depends on whether the Canadian government trusts you enough. The government should know your real intentions of why you want to be in this country. Sometimes, the government is unable to understand why a person of a certain financial background wants to be in this country. When it thinks that you won’t leave the country after ending all your education concerned with this visa, it won’t grant the study visa to you.

That’s, why, it’s extremely important that the candidate does not have any lack of funds with him when he is coming to this country. He should have money in his bank account. This money should be huge which can only provide the Canadian government with the confidence that the candidate will go back.

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This kind of required funds should not be less than, the amount required to live here for at least 1 year.

The candidate hence needs to show that he as much funds which are enough to take care of him, for his 1st-year existence in this country on the study visa. These funds as per Canadian government include the food and basic expenses. Apart from these many funds, he should have paid the tuition fees for the 1st year. Apart from the proof of the payment of tuition fees, the candidate should have paid his accommodation expenses also.

So, for this proof, the candidate needs to substantiate his capacity to meet all the expenses through a GIC which is evidence that he has a bank account in  Canada with such amount of funds.

A letter of explanation is needed for the student which lets the government know why the student wants to get to Canada. This document is the most important part of, you being able to leave the country when your course is over and done with.

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Documents for the Canada study visa

Therefore there should be some important information included in this letter:


  • What’s the need for you to get your education only in Canada? Why have not chosen your home country for your education?
  • Why you chose the particular subject in your course?
  • Why the particular Canadian university only meets your needs?
  • How will your Canadian education be an asset to you in finding a job in your home country?

So, the difficulties can be there in getting the Canada study visa once any of the following is there:

  • You have not completed your class 12th education or the graduation degree
  • You don’t have all the money required for sustenance in this country for one year

Gap acknowledged in case of Canada study visa

  • The gap in education can’t be justified. Once the candidate was not doing anything after completing his bachelor’s degree, he has to explain what he was doing with an experience certificate. This gap is only acceptable till a time duration of 5-6 years.

However, if a student has done his +2 and wants to pursue graduation from Canada after taking a gap of 1-2 years after his 12th standard education, he should have a reason for this gap. Showing work experience is not sufficient in this condition.