Types of Aluminum Boats

Boats made from aluminum generally feature a very simple design, with bench seats and hulls riveted or welded. Outboard motors typically power these boats, which are often equipped with tillers and remote steering systems. Aluminum fishing boats can be classified into four types:

  • With their extra-wide bottoms and deep-V welded hulls, deep-V-style fishing boats offer the smoothest riding experience and most stability on large waves and rough waters.
  • A Jon boat has a flat bottom, allowing it to navigate in shallow, calm waters.
  • The chairs on bass boats can swivel for easy fishing and more comfort, and storage bins allow anglers to store the gear they need to catch fish. Livewells allow anglers to keep the fish alive in recirculating water after they catch them. A trolling motor or outboard engine propels these boats.
  • There are many types of multi-species boats, but they’re usually similar to basic semi-V hull boats with a wide range of applications, from lakes to seas.

The market for aluminum boats is not limited to fishing boats; pontoons, tugboats, workboats, and military vessels, such as utility and workboats, are all made of aluminum.

Aluminum Fishing Boats: Why You Should Choose One

Aluminum fishing boats are not only lightweight and small, but they are also incredibly durable. Fishing aluminum boats have the advantage of being able to access smaller and shallower fishing areas than other fishing boats, thanks to their slightly different design. Aluminum boats last up to 40 years, require little maintenance, and are corrosion-resistant. Besides being 40 percent lighter than fiberglass, they are also much cheaper.

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits of aluminum boats over other choices, aluminum also absorbs the energy of an impact and prevents damage (although it can be easily repaired if necessary) – perfect for fishing in shallow waters with rocky bottoms. The sun’s UV rays do not affect aluminum, it does not burn, and it is 100% recyclable.

Manufacturers and companies that manufacture aluminum boats in the USA

The following table contains information on some of the top Aluminum boat Manufacturers companies and suppliers based on annual sales on Thomas. In addition to providing a location and employee count, we also provide a summary of each company’s activity below.

The top manufacturers of aluminum boats that are owned by a diverse group of people

At least 51% of minority-controlled, operated, and owned companies qualify for minority ownership certification. On the following table, you will find several USA suppliers that meet this qualification, as well as several companies owned by veterans and women in America which make aluminum boats, ranked by annual sales in US dollars. Below are also summaries of each company’s activities, as well as details of its headquarters and number of employees.

We have outlined some of the top boat manufacturers in the United States as well as businesses owned by minorities, veterans, and women, based on annual revenues. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about suppliers. Thomas Supplier Discovery provides information about manufacturers specializing in aluminum-hulled boats, as well as steel, pontoon, plastic, and FRP boats, as well as making your own custom shortlist of suppliers.

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