Traditional kitchen v/s a Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is a fairly new kitchen building theory in India. The changes are so severe that we are able to prove that it’s more hygienic, durable and ergonomically comfortable to elect for a modular kitchen using a conventional kitchen. Kings Wood N Kraft is the leading modular kitchen manufacturer in Ghaziabad.


What we define as a traditional kitchen is normally a structure whose foundation stage, partitions and shelves are made from concrete or stone. The wall sockets are either non-existent, open concrete or stone shelves or painted hand cut poles. The inside of the platform and counter tops are painted with regular paints that eventually result in dampness to float through. Since the boundaries of this platform are irregular the walls installed on these are irregular as well.


Additionally, the disadvantage of the traditional kitchen is that latest fittings can’t be set up on the stone surface. The stations that used to be installed in the traditional kitchens were telescopic stations. Strips of timber were drilled to the rock walls so that the channels could be screwed onto them. The motions of those telescopic stations aren’t easy and can be easily damaged (gap between telescopic and innotech stations ). To top it off the hinges utilized cannot be soft shut and it is very difficult to install drawer systems in addition to corner solutions in these kitchens. As for the water place, it is made in a similar manner and therefore may be durable but very difficult to clean and untidy.


Now lets come to a modular kitchen. It’s defined as a kitchen composed of different wooden boxes (click for article of detailed box structure) which are installed on legs and utilize hinges and other advanced components to make storage and cooking suitable. Rather than sitting on the uneven rock partition the modules stand on legs. This makes certain that they are 4 inches off the ground. This offers an excess layer of protection into the boxes out of dust and water. This makes sure that more space may be used for storage and less wasted in the kind of walls. These boxes are pressed with food standard laminates and are more hygienic than paints.


These modules are pressed and cut on machinery due to which there are no openings between the shutter and the sticks. Further more advanced fittings such as pull outs, pull downs and hydraulic fittings make the cooking space organised and easier to operate. Quality kitchen hardware has good load bearing abilities and even better durability. It’s possible to make full use of this box space where earlier it would have been difficult to access the back side of any cupboard. Pull downs make it feasible to get the upper plate of the cabinetry. The corners that are mostly dead spaces can be retrieved with fittings such as S-Carousel and many others. The boxes of this modular kitchen are made in a way that just 10 percent of the whole box actually touches the wall. This makes it very difficult for it to be affected by any kind of moisture or termite.


Hence throughout the article we’ve shown that the modular kitchen format is more hygienic and resistant to moisture and termite. We are also known as the leading L Shaped kitchen manufacturer in Delhi NCR. It is simpler to operate in this kind of kitchen because the appliances and food materials are stored in a more organized and accessible manner.