Top 6 Girls Uniform Accessories to Buy in 2021

Those days are gone when uniforms were boring and plain. Now you can make your little girls’ uniforms fashionable with the help of accessories. However, uniform accessories are a little different from our fashion accessories. 

Here we shall tell you about the top six uniform accessories that will look stylish and elegant at the same time. You can purchase wholesale girl’s clothing to save some bucks. 

Let’s check the best girls uniform accessories that you should buy in 2021 below:

  • Criss-Cross Girls Ties 

Criss-Cross ties are one of the best uniform accessories for girls. These ties are handmade with 100% polyester with a snap button closure. This adjustable tie is most suitable for 14 years and older girls. You can also use these ties to style other formal outfits. If you want your girl to look anything like Rory from Gilmore Girls, then this criss-cross tie will do that for you. 


  • French Toast School Uniform Bow Hair Clip

French Toast School Uniform Bow Hair Clip is another popular accessory for school girls. These hair clips with cute bow shapes come in navy blue, black, and white colors. If your girl has short hair, then these uniform bow hair clips are a must-have for you. The best thing about these gorgeous hair clips is their reasonable price. You can get a set of four hair clips for only $14.99.

  • Polka Dot Headbands and Ponytail Holders

Polka dots ponytails and headbands are the latest trends for school uniforms. You can get these in sets or separately. The most popular polka dots ponytail holders have a navy blue base with white polka dots. You can get them in black and red color. If you plan to get a set of one polka dots headband and three ponytail holders, then it will cost you less than $15. 

  • Assorted Hair Accessories

There are many assorted hair accessories that you can use with uniforms. You can get a pack of 300 hair accessories in navy blue and white colors. These packs usually include hair barrettes, hairpins, mini combs, ponytail holders, elastic headbands, and hairbands with different styles. You can also get stretch headbands in burgundy and white colors. 

These assorted hair accessories will add style and elegance to your girl’s uniform look. Also, your girl will have several options to choose a perfect hairstyle for every day of the week. 

  • Cross Bowtie for Girls

The adjustable Cross Bowtie is another amazing uniform accessory for your girls. This simple and stylish bowtie will make your girl’s uniform super cool. You can even add a brooch or name tag on one side of this bowtie to add something extra. 

You can get this adorable cross bowtie in wine, dark blue, and black color as per your school uniform code. This bowtie will not cost you more than $9.54.

  • Sailor Suit Bowknot Ribbon 

Last but not least, Sailor Suit Bowknot Ribbon looks super cool on a uniform. This trend was started in Japanese schools, but you can see many school girls wearing it. The Sailor Suit Bowknot Ribbon is popular in red color, grey, and black colors. 

This adjustable bowknot ribbon gives a stylish yet sophisticated look to a simple girl’s uniform. You can get the Sailor Suit Bowknot Ribbon for as low as $8. 


Bottom Line

The selection of accessories for your little girls’ uniform can be difficult. You do not want to make your girl look too stylish for school. That is why it is important to know which accessories you should buy for your uniform. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you choose the best uniform accessories for your teenager girls. 

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