Top 5 basic types of hair extension packaging boxes for everyone 

Thank God! At last, you have found that perfect hair extension for styling your short hair. But, what is so particular about this store that was not present with the others? Well, store or brand doesn’t matter, premium quality product with the right kind of packaging does!

Makeup and cosmetics are the lifelines of every woman but what is the game-changer in the field of beauty and aesthetics?  hair of course!

Hairdos bring real appeal to your personality. Nowadays the hair type of your liking is not at all difficult to achieve_ short, straight, curly whatever you want because hair extensions are here to do their job. This delicate product comes well preserved in a cardboard packaging box.

 Custom hair extension packaging boxes

While preservation and protection are the qualifying criteria for a good hair extension packaging box, this is not the only one. Your packaging is the identity of your brand; it really tells the people who you are, how you can satisfy their needs, why they should choose you over others etc. In short, they carry all your branding elements. Therefore, only a sturdy cardboard box wouldn’t be enough. We need something extra, some icing over the cake: Custom Hair extension boxes.

Let the color and Patterns play magic!

Being a part of the fashion industry and sales brand, you should accept the fact that you have to pay extra attention to the brand and quality. Attractive and alluring packaging counts the most in the quality measure. That’s Why sales brands in the hair extension industry keep on experimenting on their consignment of customized printed boxes and here we find Hair Extension Boxes of a hundred design patterns and colors.

The benefit of having different color combinations is that the customers can easily differentiate between the various types of hair extensions and can exactly pick the item they want. Moreover, a vibrant color scheme can successfully turn your target customers into regular ones.

Printed boxes for branding

A particular color scheme with an eye-catching, storytelling logo will be extremely beneficial for the marketing campaign of your custom hair packaging brand. These Wholesale custom hair extension boxes

are a very cost-effective option for your business promotion and you can customize these hair packaging boxes according to the unique and specific requirements of your business e. g. manufacturing country, ingredients, product’s essentials, store address, contact info, Website URL address, etc.

Testing different shapes of Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extension packaging boxes come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, pull-out or drawer style, flip top two-piece hair packaging, pillow style, narrow rectangular shaped hair extension boxes with magnetic closure, weave style pillow packaging with a handle to carry, and so on and so forth. These custom hair packagings can either be embellished with ribbons, bow ties, or any other aesthetic add-on to utilize as gift extension packaging.    Here is some further description:

1- Pull out / drawer boxes for clip-on extensions

These are so named because they open sideways like a drawer. This packaging looks really attractive and is really sturdy to protect any type of hair extension content inside. Drawer-style hair extension packaging is not very costly and the overall price of the product remains nearly the same since extensions are already a bit pricy.

2- Hair extension box with PVC Display Window

You can assess their demand and popularity with the fact that there are a lot of hair extension packaging manufacturers who offer to package with a display window on the demand of their clients. PVC window drastically transforms custom hair packaging further into more appealing form for the retailers. Further, it helps the salesman display the product without fully opening it_ a plus point for content protection . These Custom Printed Boxes are made in a vast range of shapes and sizes to cater to all demands. Keeping in view the various sizes of hair extensions, wholesale manufacturers customize these packaging boxes accordingly.

3- Long hair extension boxes

Longer hair extension boxes could be presented in a horizontal box, a drawer, or a simple lid box with a flipped top opening. Still, a thin narrow rectangular-shaped box has enough space for strands of hair to be assorted inside safely. Thin and narrow hair extensions boxes have a display cut out on the top. This greatly enhances the visibility of the extensions inside and customers can easily judge whether this is the color they want or not.

4- Lid box packaging for professionals

Professional hair extensions boxes are used for the packaging of professional hair extensions. They are big in size and are sold in complete, well-formed sets for hair specialists and hair experts. These custom hair packaging boxes do not require fancy printing because of their strength quality. They are plain and simple yet professional. All leading companies of the fashion industry having an established name and identity opt for this simple-looking custom packaging with a lid.

5- Recyclable hair extension packaging boxes

These boxes can be recycled for any secondary use when their purpose of packaging hair extensions is fulfilled. They prove to be very useful in case you have fancy hair extensions which only can be used on occasions. Thus, these boxes are used to pack them again, once you have used them. It keeps their shine intact and protects them from dust.

The boxes’ closure is designed in such a way that they can be opened easily so that you take out the extension safely as many times as you want without tarnishing the packaging.

Last words

Custom Hair packaging boxes are made from sturdy materials like cardboard or Kraft Paper and can easily be customized into assorted shapes and sizes, colors, and designs. They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and can be recycled for use. Buying these wholesale custom hair extension packaging is very crucial for businesses for their brand promotion and grabbing customers. Consumers equally need them to properly mark the item they need.


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