Together with CBSE Chemistry Study Material for Class 12 (New Edition 2021-2022)

As the CBSE Class 12th board examinations draw near, students are busy trying to ensure that they have covered the entire syllabus and have sufficient time to do a few rounds of revision as well. Chemistry is an extremely important subject and, in some respects, a challenging one as well. This is so because the syllabus for Chemistry is vast and there are many concepts, which the students will be tested on. It is important to have clear fundamentals for any science subject because most of the questions asked in these board examinations are not only conceptual but also require a thorough understanding of the fundamentals.

There are many resources available for students, to ensure that all their doubts are cleared and they have taken a sufficient number of sit-at-home tests and other test series to gain the much-needed confidence. “Together with CBSE Chemistry” is a popular resource that offers complete coverage of the entire syllabus. It also presents as its content numerous examples, unsolved problems, multiple-choice questions as well as take-at-home tests for the benefit of the students. Thus, it is of no wonder that this is the preferred choice of many examinees intending to achieve a high score in the board examinations. The study material has been prepared by professionals in the field of chemistry, who have years of experience teaching this subject. The concepts have been broken down to make for easy comprehension and quick grasping. The study material is compliant with the latest CBSE syllabus and is based on the NCERT chemistry book.

Developing analytical skills

With the use of this material, the students will be equipped to take the examination with more confidence as it focuses on developing analytical skills of the students. The study material is presented in a flow chart, which makes for easy retention of knowledge. All the chapters are lucidly explained and the solved examples make learning easier. Every chapter has a set of unsolved problems and their solutions are made available along with a marking scheme. At the end of the book, there are two practice papers for the benefit of the students, along with the answers for self-evaluation. Practice Papers (2 Solved, 8 Unsolved)

CBSE question papers

Along with this, students must also be aware of the following study tips to ensure effective preparedness for the examination. As a thumb rule, it is imperative for the students to solve at least the last five years of the CBSE question papers. These papers and their answers are readily available. Exposure to these question papers will help the students to understand the importance of various topics and the sections, which carry more marks. At no point in the study, should a student undermine the importance of NCERT books? It has been observed that CBSE exam papers focus on concepts and topics covered in the NCERT books.

As chemistry is such a vast subject, therefore a good means of revising is the use of flashcards, created by students themselves. One can write important concepts as well as an example of them for quick revision. It is also necessary to practice many numerical, understand all name reactions, reactants, and their products. Through practice, a student should be able to balance equations very quickly.

Writing skills

It is equally important to note that writing skills are something, which cannot develop overnight. A student must practice writing legibly and neatly. A good method to improve upon this is to make your own notes. It helps to remember a lot of the content as you write, because writing is a slow process and as you write, inadvertently the important words and figures get registered in the brain. It has been observed that many students have benefitted from this as their brain becomes attuned to recalling concepts as they write.

Tail chapters of the NCERT books, such as Biomolecules, Polymers, and Everyday Chemistry should not be overlooked. Students tend to neglect this section and it has been observed in the previous question papers that this section carries at least 10 marks. These tail chapters are very scoring and require little time to prepare and master.

As the exam draws near, it is understandable that the anxiety level of the students builds up. During this time, even the best of brains tends to make mistakes. Therefore, one must develop the habit of self-analysis. Keep identifying the grey areas of your preparation and constantly devote time to improve upon them. Management of time is one area that students do not focus on. Although they are aware of the answers to every question, due to wanting of time, they end up being unable to attempt them all. One key point to remember is to not get stuck at one question. In case, you cannot recall the answer or solve it, leave a page of space and move on. Return to it, after you have solved the rest of the paper. It is always good practice to start a new question on a fresh page.