The Top Strongest Coffee Brands You Should Know About

Although there are plenty of pre-packaged coffee brands like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Costa Coffee, Black Label, etc, there’s a new trend when it comes to brewed coffee: making the most caffeinated cup you can.

Death Wish Coffee began using highly caffeinated robusta beans in their dark roast coffee in 2013, after sourcing better-tasting robusta beans. strongest coffee, UK made from arabica beans has a higher caffeine content but a better flavor than the coffee that most people are used to drinking.

In today’s world, high-caffeine brands of coffee are everywhere, even competing for the title of “world’s strongest cup of coffee.” However, a “strong tasting” coffee does not always equal more caffeine.

Black Label Coffee By Devil Mountain

Black Label by Devil Mountain is the world’s highest caffeine coffee. This coffee contains 1,500 milligrams of caffeine per serving, which is not for the faint of heart. Fairtrade, organic, and non-GMO. 

With the most caffeine of all of the coffees on this list, Black Label promises to give you even energy levels without jitters. It still boasts a smooth, bitter-free flavor despite the shocking caffeine content.

Very Strong Coffee

Its name says it all: Very Strong Coffee is 100% Robusta coffee beans, which naturally have higher caffeine content. It is made in the UK. According to Caffeine Informer, caffeine levels are “dangerous,” so if you decide to try it, make sure you have a tolerance for caffeine. Drinkers are urged to “enjoy responsibly” as the website describes its flavor as rich and intense.

High-Voltage Coffee

The company High-Voltage Coffee is based in Australia, and their coffee roasted to perfection is made using sustainably sourced beans and is marketed under the slogan “Coffee so strong, it will shock you.”

According to its website, they assure high caffeine levels through lab testing. Described as smooth, full-bodied, and rich in flavor, this coffee is perfect for caffeine addicts as well as coffee connoisseurs.

Black Insomnia Coffee

Almost frightening levels of caffeine in this cup, but if you’re a night owl who needs a caffeine fix, there’s no doubt that Black Insomnia will get the job done. The caffeine content per serving is over 1,000 mg, so you’re sure to feel the effects within minutes.

Upon tasting it, you will find aromas of macadamia, caramel, hazelnut, as well as hints of dark chocolate. This is because of the rare blends of beans that Black Insomnia uses, combined with the roasting process that is finely tuned to bring out the maximum caffeine content.

Biohazard Coffee

A dark-roasted Robusta-based coffee with a name and logo evoking fear, Biohazard is another caffeine-fueled brew named after a disturbing event. One-pound and five-pound bags of pre-ground coffee are available. 

Some reviewers describe its flavor as mildly bitter, yet friendly, with notes of popcorn, nuts, chocolate, and tobacco. In the event of an exam or mid-afternoon energy slump, Biohazard won’t let you down.

Death Wish Coffee Co.

Skull and crossbones appear on the label of Death Wish Coffee, which promises to awaken your inner rebel with its caffeine content of 700 milligrams. You can feel good about purchasing it, despite its rebellious branding since it is organic and fair trade.

It boasts a smooth, never-bitter taste with notes of chocolate and cherry, and Death Wish will refund your money if you do not like it.

Killer Coffee

On the front of the bag is an artfully designed skull, and the product is made in Australia. Killer Coffee claims it’s “strong enough to wake the dead.” 

The product contains 100% dark-roasted Arabica beans. In addition to delivering a smooth, rich, bitter-free cup with notes of caramel, this coffee promises to be versatile and taste great regardless of how you prepare it.

Perk Up High Caffeine Strongest Coffee

Perk Up High Caffeine Coffee is a medium-roasted coffee that is packed with caffeine at a high level without compromising on taste. This coffee is fair trade certified and organic. 

On the website, it is stated that these beans are flash roasted and that a natural extract has been added to boost their caffeine content. In the site’s estimation, 12 ounces of a drip coffee will contain 262 milligrams of caffeine, whereas other brewing methods can yield as high as 408 milligrams.


If your morning coffee doesn’t suffice, or maybe you have to drink it multiple times per day due to the energy-enhancing effects wearing off too quickly, try one of these coffees. In a worldwide survey, 10 coffees have been identified as having the highest caffeine content. It is recommended to proceed with caution even for experienced coffee drinkers and caffeine addicts. We appreciate your interest in the strongest coffee beans available.