The Many Options When Using a Dermatologist in Covington

When women from Louisiana and the surrounding areas want to achieve younger, more vibrant skin, arguably the best way to go about it is to visit a highly regarded dermatologist in Covington that goes by the name of Grieshaber. In this blog, we’ll be examining the wide range of options that exist to achieve better-looking skin.


There’s no time like the present, as they say, so let’s begin.


Option 1 – Micro Needling


The first option is micro needling, which helps to rejuvenate your skin by boosting the production of collagen for a plumper, more radiant appearance. While needles are involved, it’s pretty much painless and downtime is minimal.


The procedure also goes by the name of collagen induction therapy and can be useful in treating:


  • Scarring
  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea
  • Ageing skin
  • Large pores
  • Stretch marks


Option 2 – Botox 


Your next choice from this popular dermatologist in Covington is botox, that’s typically administered by a highly trained person. Used to tackle facial lines and wrinkles, it’s relatively pain-free, particularly as numbing topical creams can be used to eliminate what little discomfort there is.


Option 3 – Dysport


Also created from the same bacteria as botox (botulinum toxin), dysport injections are typically less concentrated than botox and will last a shorter time in terms of desired effect. Used primarily for wrinkles around the eyes, it’s another effective way to look younger.


As with botox, it’s best to turn to professional services to get the best possible results. Do it yourself and you could do more damage than good. 


Option 4 – Chemical Peels


Another choice on offer for Louisiana residents from this dermatologist in Covington are chemical peels that represent a relatively gentle way to smooth the surface of the skin and deal with a range of problems. Lasting anywhere from 45-90 minutes, your skin will feel rejuvenated afterwards.


Unlike other treatments that require abrasive or shaving actions, this is a suitable treatment for those suffering with acne.


Option 5 – Dermaplaning


A non-chemical option that’s available for those with sensitivities is dermaplaning – which involves expertly scraping the surface of the skin, removing debris and dead cells to reveal fresh, new cells underneath. It’s a great way to restore radiance.


There are a ton of DIY dermaplaning kits out there, but most untrained people don’t have the skill to get the job done properly, so again – leave it to the pros.


Option 6 – Dermal Fillers


If you’re looking to enhance facial contours or soften any wrinkles or creases you have in your face, then dermal fillers could be the right option for you. Usually involving the use of hyaluronic acid, these fillers can also be used to minimise scar appearance, working to replace the subcutaneous fat that we lose as we grow older. 


A Wide Choice Available to Lousiana Residents


As is immediately evident, there are many options available from this highly reputable dermatologist in Covington and there are a range of cosmetic procedures to add to this too. So, the good news is that you simply don’t have to put up with poor skin with all this on offer.


Take a look for yourself if you want to learn more.