The Hanging Tips and Advantages of Photo Canvas Prints

The canvas photo prints are a magnificent way of personalizing your photos. They are perfect for presenting your family and friends photos,  portraits, or your photography skills. The canvas prints make every image look so classic and professional.

There are no disadvantages of investing in canvas prints as ordering the canvas is simple with high-quality, ready-to-hang prints.

So, before shortlisting your photos, have a look at the advantages and a hanging guide for your canvas photo print.

On a sizable Wall

A large canvas photo print will complement a large wall or an accent wall. Large canvas will look sophisticated, avoid cluttering and introduce a new color to the wall.

The sizable wall art must cover sixty to seventy-five percent of the wall. The very tiny or very massive wall art will look shabby. 

So measure your wall before selecting the size. Next, you must check out stunning photo canvas prints of all sizes and shapes, and numbers of frames and decide what suits your wall accordingly.  

The thumb rule is that the center of the canvas must be 57 inches above the ground. Follow the rule so that the true essence of the canvas is observed. 

On A Beautiful Furniture

Photo Canvas Prints

Suppose you are hanging canvas over a bed, a console, or a beautiful piece of furniture. Then, your wall art must be two-thirds or three-fourths of the piece of the furniture. Leave a six to twelve-inch gap between the top of the furniture and the lower end of the art. 

Staircase hanging Precautions

The staircase wall is a unique space for hanging some personalized canvas prints. The ideal distance from the step to the center of the canvas must be one hundred and fifty centimeters. 

While curating a gallery wall on the staircase wall, take out a common center and ensure eye-level placement. Then, every time you climb the stairs, you will witness a magnificent view.

Dining Area Rules

A perfect canvas piece adjacent to the dining table looks terrific. The eye level lowers while seating, so it hangs the canvas a little lower. The eye-level mounting for any wall is compulsory, as a too high or too low wall piece will look shabby.

Perfect Spacing

The multiple canvases must have even pacing. You can leave two to four inches between smaller frames and six to 12 inches between huge frames. You can arrange it on the floor and see how it looks. Then, hang it on the walls.

A delightful experience

The photo canvas prints have a very premium finish; the canvas is loaded with UV scratch-free resistance, a protective laminate coating, and much more.

The canvas captures every minute detail with the latest ink technology. It makes your simple photo look so professional.


The photo canvas prints are easy on the pocket and make great wall decor and gifting options. In addition, they are affordable than other framing options and provide more durability than them.

A Great Wall Decor

The canvas prints go with every corner of your house. They bring a natural color palette to the walls and enhance the walls. In addition, it provides a focal point, texturizing and finishing to the walls.

Life-long Durable prints.

The canvas is coated with protective film for protection against light, dust, and touch.  You can also frame the prints, which provide extra protection. 

In addition, they are scratch-free and fall-proof. As a result, they can serve you as long as you want with very little care.

No Glare and High Quality

Photo Canvas Prints

Canvas is the best choice for your home because the finishing is very premium. In addition, the matte finishing solves the issue of glare and looks very texture and sophisticated.

Ease of Transport

Canvas is very lightweight, and thus transportation becomes very easy. Wrap them in acid-free paper and transport them to your new location for perfect wall decor. The lightweight doesn’t mean it is inferior, but it’s made from new technology.

While shifting it, you must wrap the canvas in acid-free paper to turn yellow. Carry it gently, and you will not observe a single mark on it.

Easy to Maintain

They are effortless to maintain, as you can clean them with gentle hands. For stain marks, you can use a damp cloth and rub it gently. However, never irritate or pressurize it hard as you can destroy the prints. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight, and shady or indirect natural alright is alright.

Final Words

The benefits of canvas prints are immense without compromising a bit for the quality. This makes it a fabulous deal for changing the look of your house. There is no confusion when deciding canvas for any home design. 

The options are so infinite that it goes with every style. Make your ordinary wall extraordinary with premium finish canvas. Take care of the canvas and ensure proper hanging rules before mounting the canvas.