Many people confuse synthetic turf with artificial grass, but in fact, they refer to different types of artificial grass. In the context of sports turf, short grass is considered turf. Artificial grass Perth refers to the fluffy and longer grass on landscapes.

We did not distinguish between AstroTurf and AstroGrass when it was first invented. This isn’t the best one. AstroTurf was green, but not in the way that living grass is green. There was no mistaken belief that it was the real deal due to its nappy texture.


The world has changed so much over the years!

Scientific and technological advances have revolutionized the artificial grass industry. A broad variety of choices are available for each of our products. Artificial turf for sports can be distinguished from artificial grass for landscaping. That’s what it means to you, right?

Turf made from synthetic materials

The process of building artificial sports fields is extraordinarily difficult. As a player takes part in the game, he or she makes many grinding plant-and-turn movements, as well as running feet, cleats, etc. Furthermore, since it prevents slides and falls, it can be used under any weather condition and even when the weather is wet.

A large playing field and a team of players come to mind when we think of sports and turf. The Bay Area is home to numerous smaller sports played on artificial grass. There is a great deal of interest in these games here. Tennis courts, bocce balls, and putting greens are just a few of the specialized installations here.

Grass made from artificial materials

Artificial grass, on the other hand, comes with an attractive aesthetic. Even though these longer and softer products are durable, they’re also designed for maximum aesthetic appeal. “Grass” is a generic term for a tri-component product.

Artificial grasses are distinguished by a number of important characteristics. The quality and workmanship used in the production of a product determine its quality and value. The best performance and longevity can be achieved with professional installation.

Besides enhancing the look of lawns, artificial grass is a great place for kids to play as well as for dog runs at home and doggie daycares. In the same way, children’s synthetic grass is safer than natural grass, just as players’ artificial turf is safer than real grass.

The similarities are endless

In spite of their distinct differences, all types of property owners enjoy artificial turf/grass for their various reasons, including:

  •     Saves water and money
  •     Minimal maintenance and no ongoing expenses
  •     Is not contaminated by grass allergens (pollen)
  •     Chemical applications leave no harmful residue
  •     There is no need to tear up and replace sod at sports facilities or event venues repeatedly

It’s finally possible for homeowners! The weekend is theirs again

There are not so many options when it comes to synthetic grass. Nevertheless, Heavenly Greens offers 50 different shades of green. Getting in touch with us can help you decide which is best for your application. You are also welcome to come see and touch grass samples in our showroom in person. No matter what you need, you’re bound to find an artificial turf or artificial grass that will meet your needs.

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