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Taj Residencia Islamabad, a posh housing society that follows the tradition of compact plots in housing developments, has introduced a new 3 Marla plot bargain. Taj Residencia offers plots for purchase in instalments. It is a Sardar Group of Companies residential project.

These are likewise the people behind Centaurus Mall, one among Islamabad’s most well-known enterprises. Furthermore, the proposal was approved by the RDA with an updated NOC.

Plan and Prices for Installments

Taj Residencia offers plots in a variety of sizes and payment options. With property sizes of 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal, you must pay a 20% down deposit plan.

If you pay the entire instalment in one transaction, you will receive a 6% reduction. A 10% reduction will be provided if you purchase a premium plot such as Corner sections, Main Avenue, or Park facing.

Plots of 3.5 Marla with a Flexible Monthly Payment

In the housing sector, the society has established a 3.5 Marla plot. The payment plan for a 3.5 Marla Housing Plot is 4 years comprising 16 quarterly instalments and a down payment.

It was in considerable demand on the market. Taj Residencia is providing 3.5 Marla housing units with a four-year payment plan.

Plots are available for purchase at a starting price of 21 lacs. The plot’s reservation charge is 395,000/-, with sixteen quarterly instalments totaling 106, 563/-.

The Benefits of Investing in 3.5 Marla

There are numerous advantages to purchasing these 3.5 Marla housing units, including:

It’s at a great location and it’s easy to get to.

All top amenities are available

Rates that are affordable with a four-year monthly payment

Close proximity to high-quality hospitals and academic institutions

With easy access from the international airport and a large investment opportunity, 

Electricity, gas, and safe drinking water are all available.

Housing properties in the modern era

Comprehensive design and layout

Business zones

Availability of basic services 24 hours a day

Payment Plan for 1.5 and 2.5 years

In both residential and business plots, a 20% down payment is required, with the remainder paid in six quarterly instalments.

You can reserve your property with a 20% down payment and the remainder paid in ten quarterly instalments.

Side, avenue, and park-facing plots are subject to a 10% surcharge. Over 100 feet on the major boulevard, there is a 15% surcharge.

Dream Villas

Premium materials and professionally specified designs, including thoroughly updated fixtures and furnishings, with high-end details, are standard in Dream Villas.

In Dream Villas, side and avenue locations command a 15% premium, while park face villas command a 10% premium.

The Dream Villas are available in the following sizes:

1 Kanal villa

14 Marla Villa

10 Marla Villa Mediterranean

10 Marla Villa Eclectic

10 Marla Villa Modern

Document necessary on booking time

Two passport size photographs

A duplicate of your Identity Card

A photocopy of the nominee’s/next of kin’s ID

The booking fee can be made by pay order, cash, or a direct cash transaction to the company’s bank.

The booking sum is 20%.

Taj Residencia is a more pricey and prestigious housing complex, but this latest introduction of 3.5 marla low-cost housing plots is far less expensive.

The plot rates are affordable, and the payment plan is adaptable. It’s worth noting that Taj Residencia is a recognized residential development with an updated NOC that has already been granted by the RDA.

Location of Taj Residencia Islamabad

The Sardar Group of Companies has selected an exceptional site for the construction of this opulent residential complex. CDA Area I-14 Islamabad is close to Taj Residencia.

This society’s region is located in the heart of Rawalpindi. Taj Residencia is also conveniently accessible via the Kashmir Highway and the GT Road.


Nevertheless, the state-of-the-art society’s establishment, which includes modern infrastructure as well as all of the heart-warming amenities, makes all new holdings extremely valuable.

The Bluebell, a new sector in society, has been announced by the creators. The block is presenting you properties of 5 Marla featuring cutting-edge amenities.

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