Real Estate Funding in Washington is a lot Easier Now for Small Borrowers

The real estate industry in the United States is worth more than $3.6 trillion, which constitutes 17.4% of the country’s GDP. This industrial sector employs more than 3.5 million people. If you include the people who are not directly employed in the industry but indirectly earn their income from it, the number would be even higher. Most stakeholders are small businesses like realtors, architects, interior decorators, material suppliers, housekeeping services, etc., and they all need fast and easy real estate funding.

If you are running a small business in the real estate industry in Washington DC and you need cash urgently, it would be futile to approach banks or other traditional lenders. They will find different excuses to deny you the funding. That’s not the end of the road for you, though; you have the option of borrowing from alternative funding companies in Washington DC that are specifically dedicated to providing funding to small businesses and borrowers. The other major difference that alternative lenders bring to the table is that they are many times more efficient than traditional lenders. 

Traditional lenders don’t fund small businesses

Traditional lenders like banks would find one excuse or another to deny you business capital loans. Even if they classify the real estate industry as high risk to refuse you a loan, they won’t hold such barriers to provide funding access for big businesses. 

The best option for you to get the required cash as soon as you can is to apply for small business funding in Washington DC to an alternative lender. They are not inclined to deny you funding like the traditional lenders, and their eligibility criteria for borrowers is way below most others. 

Every business wants to have its own office space 

Operating from leased or rented office space is one of those drawbacks that every business wants to come out of. Given a choice, you would always opt for office premises of your own, but the cost would be prohibitive for a small business. However, you can overcome this barrier with alternative business funding. Read more about Kingdom Valley Islamabad

When you apply for funds to an alternative lending company, your loan gets approved within 24 hours, and on most occasions, the funds are transferred to your bank account within the same day. They require no collateral or credit history check to process your loan application. All they need is your bank account statement for the past year to ascertain your cash flow and whether you can service the debt. 

How to deal with a shortfall in working capital? 

There is no business, big or small, that has never faced a shortfall of funds to meet its working capital expenses. Traditional lenders will never approve such working capital funding to small businesses, although they are happy to open lines of credit to big businesses in case they run short of working capital.  

You don’t need to get stressed here because there are solutions for working capital in the District of Columbia offered by alternative lenders that are designed precisely for smaller businesses facing working capital shortages. The best part is that they have several types of funding options that you can choose from depending on your situation.