Palm Reading: A Step by Step Guide to Decoding It

In ancient Indian and Egyptian culture, palm reading was known as Chiromancy, also called Chiromancy.


It has transcended borders and is now widely popular in many parts of the world as an art that originated in East Asia.


Its success can largely be attributed to its articulate and accurate prediction of current events. According to the palm lines, the past, present, and even the future are accurately predicted.


Cheiromancy is a form of palm reading that considers several aspects of the hand, including the shape (cheirognom), the mounts (cheirosophy), and the lines and formations on the palm (cheiromancy).


Characteristics of a person can be determined a great deal by the shape of the hand. The first thing palm readers notice when conducting an analysis is the presence of this feature.


A brief description of the five most common hand shapes follows.


The shapes of the hands


Earth hand


The palms and fingers of the creature are wide, square, thick, and coarse with a pinkish hue.


Typical characteristics


  • Capable of being stubborn and headstrong at times


  • Approach life with a pragmatic perspective


  • Demonstrate a materialistic philosophy


  • Possessing the capabilities needed to acquire wealth


Air hand


Physical characteristics- that the fingers are longer than the palm and they have a rectangular or square shape, along with a dry skin.


  • Witty and social


  • Enjoy having lengthy conversations


  • Hold bitterness and resentment for a long time


  • Can be calculative and cold


Water hand


Typical physical characteristics: very long hand, almost oval shape with long fingers with tapering tips; length of palm to length of fingers.


  • Demonstrate outstanding creative abilities


  • Introverted and prefers to work quietly


  • Experiment with mood swings frequently


Fire hand

It has short, stout fingers, a square or rectangular palm. Its typical characteristics are:


  • Courageous and brave


  • Frequently act inconsiderately and insensitively toward others


  • Extrovert


  • A spontaneous event


Combination hand (Air-Earth and Water-Air hand)


The combination type of hand shape is a combination, so it possesses the characteristics of both hand shapes Typical characteristics are as follows:


  • Because they combine the advantages of both hand shapes, they are more balanced and functional.


  • Intuitive


  • Remain calm even in challenging situations.


There are other aspects of palm reading besides the shape of a hand, which together reveal a person’s character and destiny. The lines and patterns of the palm require great patience and skill to comprehend.


There is no easy way to find a qualified palmist or palm reader.

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