Mugshots Removal Services The Need Of The Hour

Keeping records of criminals is not a new practice, and it is one of the most important parts of the legal system. Criminal records are important to keep track of the criminals and to see whether they are repeat offenders or not. These records also come in handy during the investigation of cases.
Earlier, the records only contained the name, address, and the crime committed by a person, but in the 1840s, only a few years after the photograph was invented, mugshots came into the picture. Mugshot is a 2 part photo with 1 side view and 1 front view of the booked person; in 1888, it was made a standard process in the legal system. Earlier, they were used to make mug books, but now a digital mug book directory is maintained by the agencies.

An Evil That The Digital World Created

While the digitalization of mug books has made the entire record-keeping process easy, hassle-free, and more efficient, but has also created a big issue. And this issue is the online leaks of the mugshots. As the mugshots of the booked person are uploaded on a public, searchable database thus third party sites also access them and upload them on their platform.
To counter these recent threats, Mugshot Removal Services are introduced by certain companies that charge an amount to remove the mugshots of an individual from the web. Search engines like Google have also taken some steps like reducing the search rating of these mugshot sites to don’t appear during a google search.

Ways To Remove Mugshots From Web

The individuals who are not guilty and still have mugshots circulating the web must be going through a nightmare. For them, mugshot removal services are a bit of hope, and these services save them from individually contacting the third-party sites and asking them to take their photo down. At the same time, some sites charge an amount to take down the mugshot. There are some mass media websites where you can file a complaint against a mugshot uploaded on their platform, and if they find the individual not guilty, they will take down the mugshot free of cost.

The Dark Nexus

This is a recent trend; thus, it attracted the judiciary system’s notice due to which specific investigations were performed, and certain laws were also introduced. The law prohibited and gave the legal agencies the right to remove or restrict a mug hold uploaded on a third-party website.
But the recent investigation has shown a surprising trend, and it has been observed that the portal that uploads the mugshot and the portal that claims that they will remove all the mugshots from the web in return for some money is owned by the same agency. The investigation also shows that sometimes police officers are the source through which mugshots get leaked in the media.

This is the latest digital evil that has been created and is also called a way of online extortion. Certain services are available through which it has been countered at the current time, but those are not full-proof methods. This issue needs to be taken seriously; otherwise, the image and career of many individuals can get damaged.