Best Monitor Stand To Make Your Workspace More Flexible

The best monitor stands can drastically improve the look and feel of your workstation. They not only allow you greater freedom in positioning your monitor, resulting in a more ergonomically pleasant desktop, but they also give you more desk space because your monitor stand is no longer taking up a large amount.

Whether you’re returning to the office or working from home, you should have no trouble choosing the finest monitor arm for your needs. Most will clamp to the back of your desk, and no matter how big or heavy your monitor is, you’ll be able to locate a monitor arm that can hold it.

Aside from providing you with more workspace, the major advantage of monitor arms is that they allow you to place your screen precisely where you want it, so it is at the correct distance and height for ergonomic comfort, and you should be able to tilt and rotate it for that perfect angle.

Best Monitor Stand That You Could Buy In 2021

These are the best monitor stands that you need to buy right away:

1. Humanscale M2.1: Best Dual Monitor Stand With Elegant Design

Consider the M2.1 model from Humanscale if you want a monitor stand that is adaptable and allows for customisation. ou could be capable of paintings with a higher posture and a clutter-unfastened workstation. Continue analyzing to study greater approximately this option. The first element we cherished approximately this version turned into its infinite opportunities for modifications.

What makes this version particular is that it has new capabilities inclusive of a Compensator mechanism and self-lubricating particular bearings, which grows its flexibility. Finally, and possibly maximum wonderfully, the arm is M/Connect 2 compatible, changing a reveal stand right into a docking station, in addition to growing your clutter-unfastened experience.

monitor stand

Key Features Of This Best Computer Monitor Stand:

  • Sustainable design
  • Multi-purpose accessory bracket
  • Exceptional materials and finish
  • Free of red list chemicals

2. Vivo STAND-V002: Best Monitor Stand For Desk With Ample Height

This Vivo space-saving variant features a fully articulating mount with six top joints, giving it the most adaptable choice available. Continue reading to learn more about this fantastic alternative.

One of its most recent additions is the ability to change the display height so that it is at an acceptable angle from the eye. To prevent scratching, the area of the clamp that meets the desk surface is coated with a cushioning layer.

It also has cable clamps that are built into the arms and central pole to keep your workspace tidy and clean. With removable bracket plates, installation is a breeze.

monitor stand

Key Features Of This Dual Monitor Mount:

  • Saves space on your desk
  • Height adjustment option
  • Place monitor in portrait or landscape mode
  • Easy to assemble

3. SimpleHouseware: The Desk Monitor Stand With Excellent

If you’re searching for a robust way to lift your display to eye level, this Simple Houseware model could be for you. It features a durable metal finish that makes it simple to install your screen without the use of any expensive accessories. So, if you’re looking for a simple monitor stand without any frills, this model is excellent.

With this device, you can guarantee that the monitor or any screen is at a consistent viewing height, which also aids in the prevention of eye strain.

monitor stand

Key Features Of This Monitor Desk Mount:

  • Variety in sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all screens
  • Affordable

4. HUANUO: Best Dual Monitor Arm With Adjustable Height

One of the features we were searching for when compiling this list was the option to change the height. We loved the three customizable features right away since they were just what we were searching for. The benefit of these holes is greater ventilation, which protects your gadgets, particularly laptops, from overheating.

monitor stand

Key Features Of This Best Monitor Arm:

  • Non-slip rubber legs
  • Protects device from overheating
  • Cost-effective option
  • Easy to assemble

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5. Amazon Basics: Desktop Monitor Stand With Flexibility

Amazon Basics offers another flexible monitor stand. This model features an adjustable arm that can pivot to accommodate any screen smaller than 32 inches. The flexibility of this monitor stand is the first thing we noticed. The tilt of 70 degrees forward and 5 degrees back allows for extra flexibility based on height and chair position.

Furthermore, because the desk clamp fits the desk between 0.4 and 2.4 inches, there is extra room on your desktop. Finally, this device is VESA compliant and simple to install on any style of the workstation.

monitor stand

Key Features Of This Dual Monitor Desk Mount:

  • Uses limited desktop space
  • Easy to set up
  • Holds up to 25 pounds
  • Ergonomic tilting positions

6. HUANUO Stand Riser: Best Dual Monitor Stand With Steel Built

Another monitor stand we liked was this one by Huanuo, which was built of ultralight steel. If you are worried about device ventilation, you should consider this product. This stand is suitable for both bigger PCs and small laptops. To begin with, the sleek design, which would complement a minimalistic home or office setting, drew our attention.

The powder-coated steel stand has perforated holes to enhance airflow and avoid overheating. This design also has storage space beneath for books, folders, tablets, keyboards, and stationery. This efficiently frees up space on your desk, resulting in a tidy and clutter-free environment.

If you’re wondering if a full-sized keyboard would fit in this area, we tested it. As stated, a standard-sized keyboard fit well. Aside from that, the 14-inch platform is broad enough to securely hold standard-sized laptops weighing up to 44 pounds without wobbling.

The stand elevates your smartphone by 3.8 inches, allowing you to view the screen at eye level. There is no risk of the stand legs falling off the desk since they are fitted with non-slip rubber. Although there were several things we liked, we wished the stand had a few height adjustment choices.

monitor stands

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Multi Monitor Stands:

  • Improved ventilation
  • Large storage area
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable

7. MOUNTUP: Laptop And Monitor Stand With High Capability

Following that is the Mountup MU0004 model, which is one of the most adaptable alternatives for screen movement. Consider this choice if you want to establish a pleasant workstation. This stand takes up less room while also improving workflow. To begin with, this single monitor desk mount is strong and flexible, with pivoting and swinging capabilities.

This is one of the few monitor supports that allows for such a wide range of movement. The monitor arm has a height adjustment range of 9.8 inches and may extend forward up to 19 inches. Furthermore, the swivel function allows you to rotate the screen 180 degrees, allowing you to display the screen to clients or coworkers.

Tilting is also simple, with a 90-degree tilt up and a 45-degree tilt down option for adjusting your viewing angle. Furthermore, the heavy-gauge steel support is robust enough to assure the safety and security of your gadget. Finally, putting this device together takes no time at all.

A drill-free C clamp or a grommet base mount can be used to install the monitor VESA desk mount. Its quick-release VESA plate makes mounting to your display simple. From start to finish, the placement will take you around 10 minutes.

monitor stands

Key Features Of This Double Monitor Stand:

  • Multiple tilting options
  • Takes up less space on the desk
  • Inbuilt cable management system
  • 3-year company support

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8. LORYERGO: Computer Monitor Stand For Desk With A Safety Edge

Another monitor we opted to examine and review was the Loryergo LEMS03 model. This model is constructed with a functional design for the workplace in mind. Non-slip cushions for the stand legs, a vented metal design for ventilation, and a safety edge to avoid bruising are all included.

The lightweight metal style of this monitor stand was the first thing we noticed. The vented surface provides ventilation, preventing the divide from overheating even when used for extended periods. Another aspect we like was the changeable height choices. You may adjust the stand to four different heights: 4″, 4.8″, and 5.6″.

Furthermore, the stand is constructed in such a way that you may store a large amount of office or study items beneath it. In this area, you may put all of your daily reading books, stationery, Wi-Fi router, mouse, or keyboard. This results in a clutter-free desktop.

This monitor stand is also multifunctional since it can support gadgets and books weighing less than 44 pounds. Its four legs are constructed with thread, metal latches, and anti-slip cushions to provide stability for regular usage.

Overall, this device is a fantastic choice if you need a stand that can be used for a variety of purposes. This choice may be utilised for adult work as well as a study table for children. The only problem we had with this stand was that one of the legs bowed slightly after a time.

monitor stands

Key Features Of This Vesa Monitor stand:

  • Extra storage space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Keeps the device cool
  • Lightweight

9. NB North Bayou: White Monitor Stand With High Affordability

For us, the AmazonBasics model strikes the ideal combination of price and usefulness, but if you need something cheaper, the NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand would suffice. It’s bulkier than most of the other models on our list, its cable management isn’t great, and it can’t handle larger and heavier displays, but if your monitor fits and you can deal with its lack of beauty, what’s not to like?

It employs a gas spring mechanism to keep your screen stable, making it simple to adjust. It allows you to tilt your monitor between +35 and -50 degrees and rotate it between -30 and +85 degrees, so you can’t go entirely portrait, but it can still be handy.

Still, the swivel makes it simple to show your screen to others. The arm is attached to your desk with a clamp or grommet — there is no wall-mounting option. It’s all about the value here, and it nails it.

dual monitor stand

Key Features Of This Decent Monitor Stand:

  • Low price
  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Decent design
  • Easy installation

10. Ergotron LX: LCD Arm Monitor Stand

The Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm is a more streamlined monitor arm with a price to match. It’s a fantastic looking monitor with good cable management, it’s simple to set up, and once your monitor is in place, you’ll find that adjusting the screen position or tucking it neatly away when you don’t need it takes any work.

It has a forward and backward extension of 25 inches, and you may adjust the height within a range of 13 inches. As far as things like this go, the design is quite clever, and with that extra-neat wire routing, it’s suited to an aesthete’s workplace.

It should be noted that this arm may only be fixed to a desk, and cannot be mounted to a wall. But that’s the only major disadvantage, and it won’t bother everyone.

dual monitor stand

Key Features Of This Desktop Stand:

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to adjust
  • Good cable management
  • Neat-wire routing

Choose The Best Monitor Stand For Higher Efficiency

When purchasing the best monitor stand, there are several factors to consider. With so many options on the market nowadays, it might be difficult to choose one above the others. However, if you stick to the elements that are most essential to you, you will almost certainly succeed.

For starters, you should determine what size monitor stand you require. Some versions can support up to three displays while preserving stability and keeping your gadgets secure. If you spend a lot of time working with numerous monitors, you should have stands that can support them. Otherwise, keeping one monitor on a stand and the other on the desk is cumbersome.