Is Australia PR visa a preferable option

Australia grants a PR visa which is useful for living here permanently. You must have 65 points to get this visa. These points are given for various factors such as age, the language proficiency of the candidate. Once the candidate meets the requirement for all these factors, he is shortlisted for this visa.

This visa allows you to stay and leave Australia as often as you want in a period of 5 years. After that, your visa will be renewed for this privilege to be extended to you.

Citizenship can also be given to you after you have permanent residency for some time.

The initial process of applying for Australia PR visa consists of providing a skill assessment report and the language test results. This is how this process works. After both these documents have been provided, the Australian government processes the same.

You can either opt for the 189 or the 190 visas. The application processes for both these visas are different from each other. However, for both these visas, Experience is needed. For the 189 visa, an application has to be made on the government website of Australia immigration. You need to be in contact with the visa consultant who will select which visa is right for you.

The MTLSSL is applicable for the 189 visa. Recently some changes were made in this list for the 189 visa. 36 more professions were increased in the MLTSSL. Also, 6 occupations were shifted from the STSOL to MTLSSL. For the 190 visa, MLTSSL and STSOL lists both are applicable.

So, you need to be aware of these changes to get either of the 189 or the 190 visas. Without this knowledge of whether your occupation is suitable or not, your application for any of these visas can be a waste of time.

A lot of documents have to be provided once you get the letter of invitation in the case of the 190 visa. You have to submit proofs of your health also, in case you get the invite for any of these visas. These medical health reports are to be submitted as per the HAP ID.

You can provide your health declarations through your account on the immigration of Australia website. Each of these health declarations will ask for your travel history, your contact details and then the health declarations. These health declarations include the time spent in countries other than the country of passport for more than 3 months. All the details have to be provided like you need to mention if you need to be in a hospital while you are in Australia.

Australian population minister favors immigration

You will be glad to know that despite announcing immigration cuts, the government of Australia is still favoring immigration. In the words of “Alan Tudge” who is the population minister of this country, “immigration boosts economic prosperity”. According to him, immigration increases the GDP of a country and the revenue, which is because immigration leads to higher productivity. According to him, immigration also increases the living standards and the per capita GDP.

According to him, in the last 4 decades, immigration has been a source of a great increase in per capita wealth. The per person GDP grows at a fast rate because the average age of an immigrant when he comes to Australia is 26, so his contribution to the Australian output is high as compared to what an Australian does. The average age of an Australian is 37 years.

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