Hydraulic Power Pack & Pump Unit

 Hydraulic Power Pack manufactured by RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC consists of an Oil Tank. whose base frame transmits a vertical or horizontal flange mounted and Electrical Motor couple through a Gear link to Vane pump, Gear pump, or Piston Pump, depending upon pressure & capacity. The force side of the pump is fitted with a Suction strainer skilled in straining particles of Micron size while the discharge side of the pump is connected to Various Blocks. On the numerous faces of the Block, directional control valves get mounted. The control valves are suitably inter-connected in the block through drill passages to remove interconnecting piping. Thus, achieving compaction decreases noise level, and easy accessibility for maintenance by just eliminating the bolts. 


                              The oil level in the tank is shown by an oil level indicator with a temperature control gauge which is tailored in the front of the tank at the topside. The drainage system is assumed on the side of the tank at the lowermost part. For considerable oil in the tank Air Breather is provided at the cover plate. A return line filter is fitted behind the block to purify the used oil and return it to the tank. The critical High-Pressure Pump Valves and other Hydraulic rudiments used are from the well-known 

Special Purpose Machines

                               RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC manufactures Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Power Pack & Pump Units, and they are designed based on customer requirements.

Hydraulic cylinders for Earth Moving Machinery 

                                    RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC manufactures Hydraulic Cylinders for all types of Earthmoving machinery specially Dozers, Backhoes, Tippers, Dumpers, and Garbage handling machines. RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC has supplied thousands of Hydraulic Cylinders all over India and overseas to Earthmoving equipment manufacturers. 

Hydraulic equipment and accessories for the Markets

                                   RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC keeps regular stock of Hydraulic components such as Hydro Motor, Valve, Pump, Level indicator, Breather, Gear Coupling, Bell Housings, Mounting Bracket, Pneumatic Accessories, Pressure gauge, Hose pipe, Filter, Strainer, Seal, Tanks Bucket teeth, Swill Bearing, Harden Bush, Hard chrome plated Rod and Honed Tube, etc and also keep some particular items duly introduced like Seal, Honed Tub, Bearing and mobile valves.

  • Hydraulic power pack with a regular displacement pump
  • Ideal for separate hydraulic workstations for all experiments using standard equipment set has
  • Variant for the AC 230 V/50 Hz
  • The Rated output: 650 W
  • The Delivery rate: 2.3 l/min
  • Variant for the AC 120 V/60 Hz
  • The Rated output: 450 W
  • The Delivery rate: 2.7 l/min (0.7 GPM)

Practical data

  • The Mounting of Hydraulic cylinders with universal bracket 
  • Pump design of Hydraulic cylinders: external gear motor with pressure relief valve adaptable from 0 – 6 MPa 
  • Operating pressure of Hydraulic cylinders 6 MPa 
  • Motor Hydraulic cylinders: AC, single-phase with overload protection, start capacitance and ON/OFF switch
  • Tank Hydraulic cylinders: 5 l volume, sight glasses, temperature displays, drain screw
  • The Air filter and return filter
  • Low-leakage of Hydraulic cylinders, self-sealing coupling nipple for P and T
  • Plug socket for nonpressurized return
  • Connecting flange for measurement of container return
  • The Dimensions are 580 x 300 x 180 mm 

                           The new high-volume hydraulic power packs provide a dense, self-contained power source that is dependable and robust. These packs are perfect for applications such as pressure testing of large ID pipeline, hose umbilical, wellhead control valve; chemical injections including methanol and glycol, and pre-charge of hydraulic accumulators; the operation of Sub-Sea Valves; and the re-fill and pre-pressurization of high pressure and the high-volume test systems. High-volume power packs come completely assembled and complete with fluid inlet strainers, air filters, regulators, lubricator gauges & pump on/off valves, 6” diameter panel mtd pressure gauges, pressure release valves, all interconnecting adaptor and pipework, and robust painted frameworks. A range of options is available.


  • The Output pressures to 21,600 psi
  • The Ability to stall at any prearranged pressure and hold this pressure without consuming power or making heat
  • Infinitely mutable cycling speed and flow
  • Reliable, easy to uphold, compact and robust
  • Double seals between hydraulic and air sections with taken vent port as standard

Construction Materials

    The Hydraulic Section – Mainly with stainless steel with water and oil service duty seals

   The Air Drive Section – Mainly anodized aluminium with Buna N seal

    The Special Seal Compounds for handling special fluids or chemicals are available

                                  The hydraulic power units for industrial, and aerospace applications are available in a boundless variety of pressure and flow ranges, reservoir capacity, materials, and fluid compatibility. Standard, compact, and other custom power units are available as well. Hydraulic power units containing pumps, reservoirs, filters, sight gages, and filler breathers deliver reliable power for hydraulic systems.

Standard Hydraulic Power Units

                                     The energy-efficient hydraulic power units are designed from the ground up with energy-saving in mind. These inverter-driven systems bid energy savings of up to 40% over what is used by outdated hydraulic systems. Ready with variable displacement pumps, these power units, and Energy-Saving Controllers control rotational frequency using an inverter, removing the energy losses normally associated with induction motors. Load pressure is detected by a weight sensor and the motor rotation is controlled at the proper level to hold heaviness. Low noise is a usual benefit of energy-efficient hydraulics.

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