How much is a good couch worth?

If you’re buying a new couch, then you should budget at least $1500 to get a good couch.  If you can budget up to $3000 you will have a better selection.  If you’re buying pre-loved then you can expect the price to be discounted in line with its condition.  This means that a well-cared-for couch will always be worth more than one which hasn’t been properly looked after.

A basic guide to buying a good couch

When you’re buying a new couch, look at the frame material, the seating support and the upholstery.  If you’re buying a brand new couch, the retailer should be able to provide this information.  If you’re buying pre-loved, ask if the owner has the original documentation.  If they don’t try to find out the exact make and model and check the manufacturer’s website.

One of the advantages of buying a brand new couch is that you don’t have to worry about age, wear and condition.  By contrast, if you’re buying pre-loved, then you need to assess these very carefully.  Age, wear and condition are linked to some extent.  That said, care and maintenance play a huge role in how well a couch wears over time.

This means that an older couch that has been well cared for can actually be in better condition than a newer one which hasn’t.  If it was a better quality couch to begin with then the difference will be even more noticeable.  It might be difficult to compare the appearance of the couches (if they’re different styles), but you’ll certainly feel the difference when you sit on them.

Keeping your couch in good condition

If you’ve invested in a good couch, even a pre-loved one, then it makes sense to invest a little more in taking care of it.  Depending on how your life progresses this will either allow you to get maximum use out of it or allow you to get maximum value when you sell it.

The key to keeping your couch in good condition is to keep it clean.  This is generally best done by a combination of home cleaning and using reputable couch cleaning services in Sydney.  For home cleaning, give your couch a weekly clean with baking soda and a vacuum cleaner.  Give the baking soda at least half an hour to deodorize your couch and then vacuum it thoroughly.

Give your couch a deep clean at least once a month.  Ideally, you’ll use couch cleaning services in Sydney for this.  If, however, you’re on a tight budget (or really enjoy cleaning), then you could clean your couch yourself two months out of three.  Then use couch cleaning services in Sydney for the third month so your couch gets the deepest, possible clean.

If you are going to clean your couch yourself, make sure you understand what type of cleaning your particular couch needs.  Most modern couches can be cleaned with water.  In fact, steam cleaners often do an excellent job on them.  Some, however, need solvent cleaners.  All couches need to be given time to dry thoroughly before you use them again.