How are Kilim bags unique from the Other Bags?

The word Kilim comes from Turkey and it means pile-less textile. Pile is the rug word to describe the kind of surface a rug bag has and its density. A major thing that differentiates kilim purses from the other types of purses is that kilim is a flat-weave meaning it is woven on a loom, and not knotted. It is amazing to see how these bags are made by interlocking warp and weft threading. They are crafted by hand with the help of a weaving method and not knitting.

Handmade rugs made with a pile and no flat-weave is made through knotting singular strands, of different colors, onto the warps. Then the strands are held together by weft pressure against each other. Most of the kilim purses are made of wool, but in some cases, warp may have cotton. Wool is regarded as a great option for kilim handbags. The major reason is that they are abundantly accessible, hardwearing and simple to handle.

Some of the known features of a kilim purse are given below:

Unique and bold geometric designs characterize kilim bags. They are also called slit-woven textiles down to the design along with small straight slits along the patterned edges when colors, meet one another. They also feature different geometric shapes to create an HD impact. Kilim bags prove to be an amazing option for casual as well as formal usage.


Kilim bags can be used all through the year. They can be used for higher insulation. They are extremely light in weight and do not trap too much heat during summers. Kilim bags are a great option for hotter climate nations.


According to marketresearchjournals As stated above, kilims don’t have pile; hence it makes them a more appealing alternative. If you are someone who wants to carry an accessory that is light in weight and easily manageable, then kilim bags are the best option for you. They are simple to carry, easy to clean and effortlessly manageable.


It is amazing to see that kilim is known for its aesthetic in modern spaces and house décor. They are extremely functional. The vibrant colors and distinctive patterns are woven on kilims to acquire the center stage and exude a relaxed and comfortable vibe.


Kilim purses are durable than machine-made purses because of the way they are woven. The machine –made bags are likely to depreciate soon. However, kilim bags remain in great condition for a long time, even when exposed to extreme usage. 

Bright and bold

You will find a wide range of kilim bags in the market of different colors and bright and bold patterns. They are an amazing way to inject colors into your life. As they don’t have pile, there is no way of having a shedding rug on your clothing or hands. It also collects less dust, so lower number of allergens too.


A major reason for kilim bags is their lower price. Given the effort, time and skill needed to craft them, these bags are available at extremely budget-friendly rates. If you are on a low budget, then you should definitely choose kilim purses.