Here Is How You Can Stay Sane during Tiring Times

There are plenty of things to worry about right now. There is big stuff such as global warming and rising Delta variant cases. There is a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan that pushes us to view news, all the time. And the usual queries such as whether your kids will get to stay in school or they will return to online schooling.

Other than a global crisis, there are causes like Black Lives Matter, the #metoo movement, and others that call us to look deeply into the ingrained habits. The fear of isolation as winter comes and the uncertainty about health condition due to rising infection rates has made us question the fun of the holiday season. And if you are like us who get attracted to causes that increase worries inside, then, stress and strain would come crawling to you more often.

All of this is a lot.


Particularly when focused on causes like these, our mental health should be the absolute priority. As the tide of concerns and fear rises, you should climb into a sanity boat. Following are some tips that will help you put your mental health as a priority and work towards its betterment.

Embrace Paradox

Embracing paradox is all about comprising the ability to deal with two opposing factors at one time. For instance, things that are going terrible and things that are going great. Both the scenarios are true but it depends on what and how you are looking at each of them.

In the midst of a crashing economy, rising infection rates, and fear of isolation luring back, the more good stuff is happening around as well. For example, since you are working from home you can wake up early and have a quick walk around the neighborhood. You also have time to listen to a podcast or hear the birds singing. But most importantly, you invest where it’s due – with your kids. Since your kids are managing to adapt to home-schooling or online learning, and you are struggling to find a balance between work and life, there is a lot of time to spend with each other.

Luckily, some inexpensive tools help bond parents with their kids while they are at home. Cox communication brings one such tool. Cox brings traditional cable TV service with 21st-century innovation – Cox Contour TV. With Cox Contour TV and Cox Contour TV App, you can enjoy a wide range of channel lineups, which you can take anywhere. This wholesome bonding experience of watching your kid’s favorite cartoon shows will bring a lot more joy, which you have been missing so far.


Take a Media Fast

Fasting is now a bit of a trend, but it has deep roots. For centuries, religious people observe fasting from food to clarify their thinking and upgrade their gratitude and prayer.

The idea of media fasts has shown tremendous results in terms of experiencing lower stress and anxiety. People that observe media fast can low their internal fretting. As a bonus, you might win back several hours of your day that you can spend on more productive and meaningful things.

First, make sure you spend at least 2 to 3 hours without being on social media or switching to news channels on your TV. When you will enjoy the pleasure of not taking extra stress is when you will extend the fasting period.

To Put It All Together

We understand that the current times are tiring. However, you need to remember that you are in this boat with the entire world population. Instead of pushing yourself to consume all kinds of sanity solutions in one go, give yourself time to process. And also, don’t forget to breathe!

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