Hair Extensions By Diva Divine To Give You Longer, Thicker Tresses

Many retailers sell Hair Extensions Online in India. Some not so good, some pretty good! Among top retailers in India, Diva Divine is one of the popular retailers offering human hair extensions, wigs, and hair toppers. Among them, human hair extensions are their flagship product. Diva Divine’s objective is to fulfill the need for longer and thicker hair for women just like any other hair company. If all the retailers provide length and volume, then what makes Diva Divine different from others? Their objective is not just length and volume; providing a natural-looking extension to clients is their next important objective. Their human hair extensions will guarantee you a perfect natural look with longer and thicker tresses. They offer a variety of high-quality extensions to suit every woman in the world. Let’s check out their human hair extensions.

1. 10 Piece Clip-in Set: Straight (100g)

The lustrous flow of the 10 piece clip-in hair extension adds plenty of volume and length to your natural hair blending flawlessly. This set is machine wefted, and it provides complete stability and comfort for users. Being a human hair product, you can color and style it as you wish – it is 100 % versatile. Apart from that, the 10 piece clip-in set is super-flexible; you can separate and use smaller portions to suit your preferences. Or, use the complete set for thicker and longer tresses. You can also clip the smaller portions to any part of your head where your hair lacks volume and length.

2.  LUXE 10 Piece Clip-in Set: Straight (160g)

The lustrous human hair LUXE 10 piece clip-in set adds immense volume and length. It blends with your natural hair achieving a realistic look. The set comes straight, but you can style it to achieve the look you desire. Use a curler to create waves and curls for a changed look. It is only 160 grams which is a pretty lightweight option. This extension will not weigh down your hair and stress them out. A super-effortless option for you; a clip-and-go extension!

3. Clip Ear-to-Ear Volumizer

Diva Divine’s 5 clip ear-to-ear volumizer seamlessly integrates your hair, providing the desired volume and style. Want a human hair extension that you can clip within a minute at home? Get the ear-ear volumizer from Diva Divine. The effortless, easy-to-use extension eliminates the need to visit a salon and saves time. The 5 clip ear-to-ear volumizer provides instant volume and length, making them ready for any occasion in minutes!

4. Clip Hair Extension

The 6-clip fishnet hair extension blends in with your hair for a natural look. Nine wefts are interwoven for secure holding and easy blending. It creates a honeycomb design embracing your hair as soon as you clip it on your head. The six high-quality clips keep your hair in place while you show off your fabulous long and thicker hair. You will always have plenty of hairstyle options with a 6-clip fishnet clip-in hair extension – whatever style you want and whenever you want.

5 Clip V-Shape Clip Extension: Straight

Diva Divine’s 4 clip V-shape extension is a unique design- a combination of extension and wig. That is why it is often called a ‘partial wig.’ The V-shaped partial wig offers plenty of volume and length within a few minutes. It is designed just like wigs allowing you to pull some of your natural hair out of the V-shaped base of the wig cap in the crown area. This feature offers a perfect natural look for users – it is completely undetectable! you don’t need adhesives and tapes to put it on; the four clips provide a stronghold without slippage or sliding.

6. Tapered 5-Clip Ear-to-Ear Volumizer

Diva Divine’s Tapered 5-Clip Ear-to-Ear Volumizer is the finest innovative to fulfill the need of fashion-forward women. It provides enough length like other Diva Divine products, but the thickness has a flirty twist. The extension starts with thicker hair at the base and gradually tapers out down the ends. The tapered style achieves a unique modern look for stylish women. Tapered 5-clip ear-to-ear volumizer has been Diva Divine’s best-selling product for younger women, and the product often gets sold out. You can clip this extension from one ear to another, adding luxurious volume and length at the back of your head.

7.Clip-in Hilites or Streaks

For color-crazy folks out there, Diva divine has flashy Clip-in Highlights! You don’t have to make salon appointments to color your hair anymore. Why spend a lot of money and time dyeing your hair when you can achieve a rainbow look with single clip hilites? By using them, you can save your hair from harrowing bleaching damage. Diva Divine has multiple color options for you; Red, Dark Pink, Dark Blue, Aqua Blue, Green, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Blue, 24, 27, 613, and 5.

8. Bangs or Fringes

Bangs are a crucial part of your hair to pull off some stylish hairstyles. If your natural hair bangs are dull and thin, bangs hair extensions will amplify them and shape your face to appear beautiful and cute! Choose from Diva Divine’s natural hair extension collection for a variety of hair bangs and fringes. The line is made entirely of human hair and high-quality materials with simple technologies. The natural fringe collection from Diva Divine blends into your hair seamlessly, offering a perfect look. Diva Divine’s fringe collection includes three virgin human hair bangs.

The Classic Fringe

You can transform your look in a few seconds with Diva Divine’s Natural Classic Fringe. Unlike other extensions, this fringe extension will give you ample volume and length in the front to reveal the new you! It is made from 100 % human hair, so you can color it, style it and manage it any way you like. The classic Fringe Hair comes with thicker and longer tresses to balance your dull natural fringe.

Fringes with Side Bangs

The fringe with side bangs provides you a distinct look by covering your forehead, and the bangs improve the style even further. You can color and manage Diva Divine’s fringes to perfectly embrace your hair. A little bit of styling to blend it with your own hair, and then you will have seamless hair bangs to sport sassy new hairstyles.

Fringes without Side Bangs

Fringes without Side Bangs add a lot of volume and length in the front, achieving brilliant-healthy hair bangs. You can maintain the fringes to your liking – trimming, coloring, styling, and thinning. Style it as you like because it is super-flexible.

9.Clip-In Ponytail Extension

Clip-in Ponytail Extensions are super-easy to apply, and they instantly add length and volume to your hair. Diva DIvine’s 3-Clip Ponytail Extension provides the luster and a smooth flow of your hair, allowing you to achieve a long luscious pony within a minute! The three clips affixed to the lace base make installation simple. The ponytail comes with a velcro strap (wrap-around hair) to give you the most natural look.


Hair Extensions are the easiest and best solution to flaunt longer, thicker tresses within a few minutes. Easy-to-use hair extensions like clip-ins are effortless and, at home, accessories to sport new hairstyles anytime, anywhere. If you want a high-quality set of clip-in human hair extensions, visit Diva Divine’s store in Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, or Telangana, or you can visit their website and place your order now. They offer human hair extensions in various forms; volumizer, length boosters, highlights and streaks, fringes and hair bangs, and ponytails.


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