Exciting Getaway Ideas in British Columbia

When visiting British Columbia, it’s hard to imagine living here since there’s so much to do and see! It feels like a vacation away from everything, no matter where you are in the province. Still, some areas are more breathtaking than others, and the many regions feel like they’ll stamp themselves in your memory forever.

These are the most exciting getaway ideas in British Columbia, and why you should visit!

Lose Your Breath on Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you need a break from looking at Vancouver homes for sale and want a chance at some incredible views from breathtaking heights: it’s time to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge Park!

Over seventy meters above the river, this bridge stretches out twice as long and gives you the chance to feel like you’re walking through the air between trees and above wildlife. Although it is a private facility with an admission fee, they’re able to draw in over 1.2 million visitors every year who want to stop and admire the gorgeous views this park offers.

Get Lost in the Butchart Gardens

Speaking of being lost amongst nature- the Butchart Gardens blur the lines between nature and art and give you the chance to feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole with Alice herself.

Located in the southern portion of the province, the Butchart Gardens give you a chance to walk through a historical site and see how the seasons change and shift with it. Although it’s continuously maintained, it still changes and is reborn every year; it’s worth visiting!

Ski and Snowboard to Your Heart’s Delight in Whistler

Whistler may be one of the most well-known skiing destinations in the world: but it’s more than that! Whistler is a year-round vacation town that allows you to take in all of the beauty the mountains have to offer while still sitting just a couple of hours from a major city.

In the summer, after the snow vanishes, the park turns bright green with wildlife, and visitors can enjoy walking and biking trails, interacting with nature, and catching a breath of fresh air.

Find Your Artistic Side in Victoria

Victoria is world-renowned for how gorgeously artistic it is. Although it’s an expensive city to visit, every inch of it has small coastal town-vibes that are hard to replicate anywhere else.

So if you want to support artists, or you’re an artist wanting to feel inspired, there’s nothing as magical as taking in these views, enjoying the gorgeous shores, and meeting the creatives who call this area home.

Visit Gorgeous Yoho National Park

Getting lost in nature can be the perfect way to cut loose and enjoy yourself. The Yoho National Park is a Rocky Mountain sanctuary away from the busy city life hustle and bustle.

Covering over 1,313 square kilometers of land, this park is smaller than other national parks but offers endless views from mountains to the bright blue rivers and lakes formed by glacial runoff. Everyone who visits falls in love with this park, so don’t be surprised when you do too!

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