How Much CPA Salary NYC Is After a Master’s Degree in Accounting?

As most of you want to become an accountant and want to know about the CPA Salary NYC then, here we are with a guide letting you know about how much you can earn with a master’s degree in accounting. Accounting is the most fascinating career among youngsters. Businesses would always need an accountant to track their day-to-day expenses and records. If we talk about the analysis of the labor market then there would be 8.4% job growth in this industry. 


Factors Determine Accountant Salary

Well, there is not only a master’s degree but many factors responsible for determining an accountant’s salary. You can get into the section below to learn more:

Master Degree

Well, the degree is the base level that helps in deciding your salary. A bachelor’s degree does not work wonders as a master’s degree. You can get a level up in your salary. Also, enters into other magnificent certifications like CPA that is the demand of today. It also ensures job stability and security. A Master’s degree in accountancy is essential but there are some other requirements as well given below. 


A Certified Public Accountant gains more than an accountant. The certification is quite common in the field of accounting. It gains value in the market and many organizations prefer to take service from only CPAs as it ensures commandability and expertise of the field. CPA without a doubt is a great choice but if you want to try your hands on others then make sure to gain knowledge of EA (Enrolled Agent), CFA (Certified Financial Analyst), and CIA (Certified Internal Auditor). These certifications will boost your salary level.


Considering this fact, you can earn more within large-sized organizations. Some cities like New York and the USA operate the largest part of the business industry. Thereafter, it provides a huge amount of salary. Many of you might be attracted to the CPA salary NYC. You can get your desired payout as it’s the country of accountants and entrepreneurs. 


Experience matters the most today. It not only signifies your knowledge of the field but also determines the roles you can play. If we go through the data of EMSI then it significantly tells us that accountants with more experience are paid more. In one of the reports, it is articulated that $63.9k is given to accountants who have 0-3 years of experience and $79.2k for 4-7 years of experience. 


Average Salary For Accountants Expertise with Master’s Degree & CPA

The CPA exam is the most valuable in the accounting field. Accountants must earn a master’s degree in accounting to qualify for the CPA exam. Not only this, but they have to clear 150 semester hours. Many experts have witnessed the benefits of getting a master’s degree. That not only boosts up the earning levels but also qualifies you for new roles and challenges. 

EMSI has reported that an accountant with a master’s degree can receive 11%-14% more than an accountant with a bachelor’s degree. There are lots of accounting firms in NYC giving opportunities to CPAs. 


Below is a table that will help you to witness the amount an accountant provided with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and master’s degree with CPA. 


Experience Bachelor’s Degree (Excluding CPA) Master’s Degree (Excluding CPA) Master’s Degree (Including CPA)
0-3 Years $62.3k $70k $70.6k
4-6 Years $75.1k $85.2k $88.4k
7-9 Years $97.9k $110k $105.3k
10+ Years $110k $122.6k $129.8k


Accounting Salaries According to Different Job Titles

Accounting has lots of roles and responsibilities. You can check out the section and get to know what salary amounts have been provided to those specific roles. Qualify with a master’s degree in accounting opens doors for roles like:

Senior Tax Accountant

Senior tax accountants can earn up to $90,500. Their key responsibility is to create, compile financial documents, and file tax returns for different organizations. 

Accounting Manager

The salary here is $95,750. which is a little less than CPA Salary NYC. They tackle the task related to financial status by tracking, evaluating, and monitoring them. It is the most conventional path among others. Till today, companies prefer to use their services for different tasks. 

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Forensic Accountant

Within the time, this post gained popularity in the industry. These accountants provide a clear picture of crimes and fraud by auditing financial data and records. The payout is estimated at around $95,500.

Corporate Compliance Officer

A corporate compliance officer responds to both internal and external tasks. They not only work on internal bylaws and agreements but also outside legal and regulatory requirements. $106,750 is provided to the individual belonging to this post. Which is similar to the CPA Salary NYC.


A controller gets a salary amount of around $121,500. They take care of the accounting operations of the organization. Also, maintains financial reports and records. There are 20,000 job requirements for this post according to EMSI.

Concluding Part!

So, this is all related to how much you can earn with a master’s degree in accounting. We hope that the article above has resolved all of your queries related to the title. A Master’s degree is much needed if you want to excel in your career. There are lots of opportunities waiting for you, just keep excelling and achieving your goals.