Big Blue Party Speakers (Indoor-Outdoor) for 2021

A vibrant party requires an equally animated music system that can blast its thumping bass off the guests and an audio volume that drowns every sound. To do this, you will have to get a specially made, fantastic party speaker. You’ve been curating the ideal playlist for the evening for a lot of time so that you can hammer out all the little details to make sure you have a bang in the night using a big blue party speaker.

If you want chilled music for an intimate supper or want to dance with friends and other people the night, it’s an unforgettable experience to play the right piece of music. We thought about how to keep the environment right and have good speakers is a vital part of playing any music you want.

Choose The Best Big Blue Party Speaker

Here is a list of big blue party speaker to turn your parties from dead and barely living to alive and rocking:

1. JBL PartyBox 300: Best Brookstone Big Blue Party Speaker Alternative

Imagine your average Bluetooth speaker, make it larger, bigger and bigger now. The JBL PartyBox 300 takes a tried and tried-and-tested speaker concept and scales it into size, making you a perfect party speaker. The JBL Partybox 300 is an attention grabber at first glance with its full-front LED panel lights, and for a speaker of this size, the building quality is excellent. This comes with the best big blue party speaker manual.

You’ll realize the speaker is heavy and robust, so before purchasing it you should know the size of this thing. This speaker is a little bigger, but not nearly as costly, in the size of Soundbox! The consistency of the design is perfect, just as you would expect from JBL.

The JBL Partybox 300 delivers a powerful sound with smooth low-end and bright triple sounds which cut even the biggest parties or cookouts through the ambient crowds.

If you celebrate inside or outside, you can enjoy all your favorite sound-colored music with a JBL standard sound signature, so it could be the best party speaker for you if you’re a fan of other JBL audio products. The JB Longbox 300 has been built with Bluetooth compatibility in mind as a party speaker through and through, but also includes I/O links and two half “speaker ports, as well as a 3.5mm aux jack and USB port.

big blue party speaker

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party Speaker Best Buy:

  • Unbeatable performance
  • Light mode for a different mood
  • Guitar inputs
  • Rechargeable battery

2. Sony XB72: Lauded With The Most Positive Big Blue Party Speaker Review

The Sony XB72 home audio system is one of the best party speakers you can buy, despite the lack of portability in some of the speakers, particularly given the high value you get from the price! Couple up to three Bluetooth speakers, listen to the radio, or attach your microphone to ramp up the party as you wish. The JBL Partybox mostly beats this speaker in second place because it doesn’t have a battery. 

In all honesty, the Sony XB72 has a larger and slightly more costly brother who sports a 16-hour battery reproduction. The Sony XB72 is a mid-size speaker with a weight of just over two feet and a weight of 20 lbs. This speaker’s portability isn’t a perfect way because it requires DC power and doesn’t have a battery. 

This speaker however offers a lot of power for home use and does not take up a lot of room. The LEDs on the front pane can be customized with 3 light display models and the overall construction quality of the speaker is excellent. The XB72 home audio system is fantastic, the bass and low end with this speaker have been given particular attention to detail. 

This is also a good speaker if you listen to electronics, hip-hop, or some other kind of bass high! The two Sony XB72 woofers 6 and 3/8′′ will provide a high-quality experience among speaker systems in this price range. This is is the best big blue party Bluetooth speaker.

brookstone big blue party speaker

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Extra bass
  • Integrated microphone output
  • Can be used as a power backup
  • Speaker lights

3. SOUNDBOKS 2: Best Big Blue Party Speaker

This party-speaker beast will satisfy you more than a speaker ever imagined. Now I have to say that you’re not talking if your idea is to cast a little mediocre party in the background with James Blunt. With 122 dB, we hope you won’t be connected to your roof because that would blow it right up. This portable Party speaker is a complete beast. But it might be seriously that you can get your hands on the most efficient portable party speaker. 

It offers 100 meters of sound and a party of over 100 guests can comfortably accommodate. This speaker has 2 batteries to keep the party going – you have 50 hours of playtime to keep playing if you want to play at maximum volume. This speaker gives you a non-stop party over the weekend. This big blue party indoor outdoor Bluetooth speaker review is mostly positive.

And because 2 removable batteries are available, you can charge one while the soundbox is running on the other. If you are looking for volume, see our Loudest Bluetooth speaker list of different categories.,Taking this speaker out doesn’t need to be careful because it is immune to shock, temperature, water, and weather.

brookstone big blue party speaker

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party Indoor Outdoor Speaker:

  • Loud sound quality
  • Lasts 40 hours
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Durable design

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4. Anker A3390: Best Big Blue Party X Speaker

Anker is one of the leading manufacturers in the Bluetooth budget. Anker Soundcore Rave Mini is the new bid. This is one of the best Anker speakers to date with several features that you normally find twice or three times the price in speakers. The Soundcore Rave Mini is only 17″ long, weighs 7 lbs but produces a stunning 80W sound. 

Even if the Soundcore Rave Mini is a little bigger than most portable Bluetooth speakers, the handle remains relatively small to hold easily. The Soundcore Rave Mini, like most party speakers, is equipped with LED lights and 6 modes for different music types. The LED lights on the speaker can be controlled by a button or the sound core app can be connected for additional control. 

The EQ presets and other audio settings can also be changed by using the app. You should be glad to know that the speaker has an IPX7 waterproof grade if you want to use the Soundcore Rave Mini at the pool or in the tub. This rating protects the speakers for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 m (3.2 feet). 

The enclosure is also very sturdy and odd bump, scrape, or drop can survive. The Rave Mini certainly can be used if you are searching for a loud Bluetooth outdoor speaker. The 18-hour integrated battery is another fantastic feature for the outdoors. This is the best Brookstone big blue party Bluetooth speaker alternative.

big blue party speaker manual

Key Features Of This Speaker Brookstone Big Blue Party Alternative:

  • 18 hours long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • High output 
  • Waterproof 

5. Aiwa Exos-9: Best Big Blue Party™ Indoor-outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

This high-quality Bluetooth party speaker is what a fashionable party host needs and some people like. Its black and elegant style makes it a perfect accessory for every crowd, whether you’re a young millennium or even past the ‘30s. It’s all about the design, energy, quality, and cool features of the big blue party Bluetooth speaker that make it shine even brighter than it does already.

The Aiwa Exos-9 provides 200 watts of continuous power supplied by 5 high-quality drivers with a potent 6.5 double-voice sub coil which delivers a high-quality bass. This is an excellent speaker when it comes to music. In addition to the above, it also has very good performance. It also has very simple middle and highs beyond the above points, which are critical when it comes to choosing a speaker. 

If you ask how many people this speaker can entertain you might be shocked to hear that it offers music to up to 75 guests at the parties. You will also be able to monitor your music for a fun additional feature, so you can crunch basses, mediums, and highs as you wish, or you can adjust the EQ in full. This Bluetooth party speaker is ideal for those sophisticated people who lose from time to time. It looks fantastic inside and outside, and it sounds very awesome.

big blue party speaker review

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party Speaker:

  • Stylish design
  • Great sound quality
  • Distortion-free music
  • All-day battery life

6. Ion Audio Tailgater: Lauded With Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review

The iPA77 is the one you would take to take when you want to throw a night-long dress party, and want a speaker that will last. The rechargeable 50-hour battery is equipped with enough power to recharge your other devices, such as tablets and smartphones, from your USB power bank. 

It features Bluetooth to connect to other audio devices and can also connect through close to the ground. You may instead use the auxiliary input for playback from non-Bluetooth devices. You may not even need external audio equipment, as the speaker has an AM/FM built-in radio. This is the best big blue party speaker.

If some of your guests feel like they’re in karaoke, they can use the microphone that’s packed to sing along with this speaker. This speaker also supports a free iOS and Android application, which helps you to change your EQ settings. Although it has no wheels such as the SBT1009BK, its two side handles allow easy transportation of this speaker. 

It is also a very robust unit, reinforced with rubber corners, so when you shift it around you do not have to worry about the damage. The iPA77 has both a solid more wood and a wide-spread tweeter when it comes to sound quality.

big blue party indoor-outdoor bluetooth speaker

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party Speaker Charger:

  • FM radio
  • 50 hours playback
  • Karaoke microphone
  • Waterproof

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7. DiamondBoxx Model XL2: Big Blue Party Speaker Best Buy

Would you like the best and most costly party speaker? Ok, we hope you can spend a little on the DiamondBoxx Model XL. You will be incredibly glad if you are. The speaker was manufactured and engineered by renowned audio engineers in the U.S. The speaker can generate up to 39 Hz bass and its heights exceed human hearing limits. 

The SoundBoks also have more dB – be it 1 dB, for a total of 120 dB. This speaker is out of this universe in general. The party speaker is equipped with 12 A/B amplifiers with maximum sound output. The overall power of the sound is 960 watts. The DiamondBoxx Model XL has a great deal of strength – however, it is also incredibly clear. 

Whatever kind of music you want to hear, no distortion will be achieved and the middle and highs will be great ones. How big this party speaker is because it is simply too good for words, is hard not to underline. The sound quality and volume capabilities are just excellent, and even if you believe you know what to expect, they will impress you.

You will never think it’s the portable Bluetooth speaker when looking at this party speaker, but the strong Bluetooth link proves otherwise. This is the best big blue party indoor outdoor speaker.

big blue party bluetooth speaker

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker:

  • High battery life
  • 12 amplifiers
  • High decibels
  • Maximum sound outputs

8. Pyle PSUFM1035A: Best Brookestone Big Blue Party Speaker Alternative

This man packed so much strength that a disco club might be good enough. One thousand watts is more than most of us will have to hear. But you can’t resist the attempt to go a little louder occasionally. This strong party speaker compatible with Bluetooth lets you straight from your smartphone, iPod, tablet, or any other appropriate Bluetooth device streaming your favorite music. This is the best big blue party speaker

You can use the speaker as an additional bonus to charge your phone when playing music. It also features two 1/4″ microphone inputs, allowing a microphone to plug in and talk or sing karaoke. This speaker offers flashing DJ lights, which look ridiculous and adds to the party atmosphere, for added impact and just to make the party that much more awesome. All will be sure to dance with the colorful flashing lights and an unbelievable sound.

The party speaker weighs just over 50 lbs, which is fairly large, so if that seems to be too much, make sure you have a friend to support you. Fortunately, on the other side of the speaker, the speaker comes with comfortable handles, which facilitates the carrying. Now, we have to admit that this speaker from Pyle is very impressive, getting to the sound.

big blue party indoor outdoor speaker

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party X Speaker:

  • Natural bass
  • Karaoke microphone
  • High wattage
  • Low vibrations

9. Sharper Image SBT1009BK: Big Blue Party Speaker Charger

Like the Tailgate Speaker of Sharper Image SBT1008, Sharper image SBT1009BK is just the party edition that is of course ideal for this speaker group. The biggest difference between the two is the LED orb on top of the party speaker. The orb is vividly colored in the room and gives the room an excellent club atmosphere. 

It is certainly beneficial to have those kinds of lights in your speakers as they often contribute to the atmosphere of the party and get people to dance. A very high sound and one tonne of bass are produced by the speaker. Even at the highest volume the mid and high are loud and clear while the bass is extremely heavy.

When you hear how much bass the speaker has, it will probably impress you. The bass doesn’t sound unnatural, however, very profound and low. You can easily download the software on your smartphone and change it via Bluetooth if you want to make any sound changes concerning the triple and the bass.

The rechargeable battery is very strong and can charge you completely all day long. You can certainly use it for a whole party night. If the LED orb affects the life of the device, you can simply switch off the lights if you want battery life. This is the best big blue party Bluetooth speaker.

big blue party x speaker

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party Indoor Outdoor Speaker:

  • Light orb
  • Karaoke microphone
  • Powerful bass feature
  • Microphone jack

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10. Party 12: Best Big Blue Party Speaker

This Portable PA Speaker Combo Set has everything if you are hosting a party with live music! It is completely fitted and capable, in an ongoing live setting, of amplifying all the various audio, music, and vocal types. It comes with nine different parts including the active speaker, the passive speaker, a microphone, a wireless remote control, a speaker cord 30ft long, a power cable, and a microphone cable. 

The whole package works well for weddings, birthdays, DJ gatherings, studios, and a large number of social events and keeps the party going! This PA system is compact and mobile. However, the speakers should be strategically positioned in the space in which you would use them. 

Make sure you are secure and not in an area where you might be knocked down. Some reviewers said they are stable but can look a little wobbly when this big blue party speaker is put on their tripods.

big blue party speaker charger

Key Features Of This Big Blue Party Speaker Best Buy:

  • Portable 
  • Highly affordable
  • Remote controlled
  • Titanium diaphragm

Rock The Party With Big Blue Party Speaker

If you think too hard about it, organizing a group can be a major problem. We believe in keeping things clear, as do many people these days, so let’s break it for you. You must purchase one of our main party speakers – they are the finest. 

After that, you would need some booze, a hundred or so of your closest mates, an open room without breaks. All of these four elements – unless it’s very formal – are enough to arrange an awesome party then you may have to have a tie.