The 10 Best Flash Drives of 2021

The best flash drives are difficult to beat when it comes to having your photos and videos portable. It is smaller than even the best portable SSDs and needs no separate connection cable. And unlike cloud storage, if you want to access or back up your files, you don’t need to worry about connecting to the internet while using the best flash drive.

There are plenty of USB flash drives to choose from for decades. There are not many super cheap storage options available, but we have completed faster USB-A and USB-C flash drives from well-known brands in this list. After all, your data can be irreplaceable, so it can only save a few cents without losing a questionable drive of quality.

A quick USB flash drive also saves your valuable seconds waiting for the transfer of your files, which can add up when handling massive, high-quality video files regularly. Another thing to remember is the USB physical connector at the end of a flash drive. The older rectangular USB Type-A connector is still used on most flash drives.

Since it started in 1996, almost every PC you are likely to meet is going to have at least a USB Form A port on which you can connect a USB Type-A flash drive. This is the plug type you can have since the beginning. There are an increasing number of USB-C flash drives as well as dual USB-A and USB-C drives which both have plugs to optimize compatibility, generally one at either end of the drive.

Choose The Best Flash Drive For Storing Your Files

Tracking the best USB flash disc is one of the easiest tasks given the almost infinite choices. The physical storage of your medium in a world in which cloud storage becomes the standard may sound outdated, but it can have its advantages if your files are on anything not linked to your internet connection.

We will be providing the list of flash drives so that you could choose the best USB flash drive according to your need:

1. SanDisk Extreme CZ80: Best Flash Drive To Buy In 2021

Everyone wants to upload their files quicker, so who is going to pay for them? You don’t have to spend a great deal on fuel, though. This is proved by the CZ80 SanDisk Extreme 32GB. It’s the best bang for your buck from all the drives that you will try. The most remarkable thing about this drive is that, despite the expense, its speeds are not near the category of the budget.

The average read speed of the big file test was 229 MB/s and the writing rate was 178 MB/s. Although the test did not meet its advertised rate, the number of those in the CrystalDiskMark (CDM) test came very narrow and exceeded those figures. The small file tests showed that the reading speed was 123 MB/s somewhat worse, but still 56 MB/s above any competition. This is surely the best USB flash drive to buy in 2021.

These figures come close to the drives that I tested at a considerably cheaper price including the “pro” edition of the CZ80, the SanDisk Extreme Pro CZ88. The CZ80 is also one of the more attractive drives that are easier to use. It is slim and smooth and has a slider to turn off the USB connector. The slider is a little jumping motion, so just a part of the way needs to be pushed and the drive works for you.

best flash drive

Key Features Of This Best Buy Flash Drive:

  • Great product at this price
  • Smooth file transfer
  • Sturdy mechanism
  • Elegant design

2. Patriot Rage Series: Best USB 3.0 Flash Drive

We covered the drive that strikes a price-power balance, but what if you just want to have your fastest USB drive? This is just what the 128GB Supersonic Patriot Rage 2 offers. It has more room and costs than my SSD equipment, but a small kit has a lot of speed and space. It’s probably the smallest way to store this amount of data.

Read and write all drives we tested with the second-highest advertised speed. Rage 2 is reported as having a reading speed of 400 MB/s and a write speed of 300 MB/s, which is remarkably similar, even though it has not reached those high numbers. The wide file test reads 354 MB/s and writes 187 MB/s, while the smallest file test reads 180 MB/s and writes 34 MB/s.

The write speed can appear awful, particularly when it is placed next to 300 MB, but it is important to note that almost every drive we have tested was dramatically worse than any other benchmark in the small file test. For the test, only a few drives made it over 40 MB/s, while only one managed to beat the limited read speed of the Rage 2 file.

That’s the reason why Rage 2 was brilliant; while others could beat it during some tests, no other driver was at the top of every test as consistently. This is the best buy flash drive.

best usb flash drive

Key Features Of This Flash Drive Best Buy:

  • High read and write speed
  • Durable design
  • Rubber coating for slip protection
  • Small and sleek design

3. Samsung Bar Plus: Best 128GB Flash Drive

The Samsung Bar Plus 128GB fills the niche with the keychain when it costs to be equipped with a USB flash drive. The all-metal building is super robust and its relatively streamlined nature helps it to fit even overcrowded keyrings. There is sufficient time to plug it into a USB port without removing it from the keyring.

It provides a good overall pace — a 5GB folder with a lot of small files has been created in less than 4 minutes during our tests. The read speeds are especially impressive, so you can easily access files stored on your drive. This makes the Samsung Bar Plus ideal for files that are not space-saving on the hard disc of your laptop but that you may have to access at a late date. This is the best encrypted flash drive.

The biggest problem with the Samsung Bar Plus 128GB is the hump on the back of the drive that connects the keyring. While these extra curves give the drive an even bigger feel than some other keychain versions, also they make it bigger and less smart. But the speed and efficiency of Samsung Bar Plus so much outweigh the performance of its rivals.

best buy flash drive

Key Features Of This 256GB Flash Drive Best Buy:

  • Good speed
  • Great read speed
  • Comes with a keychain hole
  • Durable design

4. Corsair Flash Survivor: 128GB Flash Drive Best Buy

If you’re a little accidentally likely to live life on the edge, don’t see this ultra-hard flash drive any further. You can use this memory stick practically anyway and you don’t have to concern about your data thanks to its anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum case which is 200 meters waterproof, shock resistant, and 40G shock-resistant.

With that stiffness, of course, a lot comes inevitably and this is one of the biggest flash units on the market at 7.62cm long with a diameter of 2.54cm, but not unreasonably high. Stocking space is also considerable, up to 1TB, while the new 256GB version provides the cheapest per GB. This is the best USB 3 flash drive.

The best USB drive selection also comes with a water seal that reduces liquid intrusion chances. Your data will remain secure if you drop it. You have a shock-damping collar around your ends. About networking, Stealth supports USB 3.0. And the computer stores lots of content without damage with up to 256GB of storage.

However, you should also bear in mind that the USB drive is more expensive than other competitors. You should also be aware that the device has a restricted five-year guarantee, which is not bad, but that decreases your replacement choice for many years.

best usb 3.0 flash drive

Key Features Of This Android Flash Drive Best Buy:

  • Available in loads of capacities
  • Waterproof up to 200m
  • Impact damage protection
  • Shockproof design

5. Lexar LJDF35: USB Flash Drive Best Buy

In the case of security, the Lexar LJDF35 Jumpdrive includes a base of the fingerprint scanner that recalls up to 10 fingerprints. This biometric safeguard is encrypted by AES-256 to ensure your files are secure and unlocked for less than a second, but the corresponding application only works on Windows computers. This is a 64GB flash drive best buy.

However, on other forms of the device, you can use it as a regular unencrypted drive. This drive has a 150Mbps reading speed, which is not the world’s fastest, but also not bad. If you’ve got Windows, both with its fingerprint protection and with the three-year warranty included, the Lexar LJDF35 Jumpdrive makes a stable investment for travelers.

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Key Features Of This Best USB 2.0 Flash Drive:

  • Unique fingerprint option
  • Ultra-fast fingerprint recognition
  • AES encryption
  • Lightweight design

6. ADATA Superior Series: Best Flash Drive For Music

The 16GB Adata Superior Series S102 is worthy of a contest if you are looking for a fine, cheaper alternative. It is bundled in a lasting shell, does not cost any more than lunch, and is driven out by the lousy USB 2.0. The S102 is announced with a read speed of 100 MB/s and 50 MB/s and finished with a test near those numbers.

In the big file test it achieved 116 MB/s, but its write speed never really hit, just 36 MB/s on average. However, the speeds on a $10 drive were pretty impressive and their accuracy was a positive sign. The S102, instead of a slider, has a metal body and a plastic cap to be removed. This one has a capture mechanism that keeps it secure. This is the best 256GB flash drive.

The drive can also be snapped back when it is plugged in and works well enough to prevent a small bump from falling out. I’ll eventually lose them with removable caps, but it feels hard to lose. The S102 certainly isn’t the quickest drive I have tested, but for a very low price, you get astonishing strength. A couple of dollars may not be much more expensive but can do the difference when the drive is 10 dollars.

flash drive best buy

Key Feature Of This Best Keychain Flash Drive:

  • Faster speed
  • Small design
  • Secured cap
  • Lifetime warranty

7. SanDisk Ultra Fit: Best USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Now that we have covered the best choices at various prices, it is time to change something. The low-profile USB drive is the one that barely spreads over the edge of the port to which you attach it, and the 32GB SanDisk Ultra Fit CZ43 is the best that you can find. A low-profile drive must be as small as possible, both fast and convenient, yet still functioning.

It shouldn’t take place, but after you insert the keychain, you should still be able to fit it or take it from the socket. The CZ43 was not the drive I checked the quickest but it certainly was quicker than any USB 2.0 drive. It had a reading speed of 129MB/s in the broad file test with a write speed of 31MB/s, while a mean of 87MB/s and 22MB/s was achieved in the lowest test.

These are not incredible speeds, but if you are just interested in the drive speed you should not be looking at the CZ43. The shape and shape factor counts when you look at profile-low drives, and the CZ43 shines here rather than elsewhere. The drive barely comes out of the USB port and its end is rounded black plastic, allowing the drive to almost vanish when plugged in on your screen. This is the best 32GB flash drive best buy.

best encrypted flash drive

Key Features Of This Best Flash Drive Brand:

  • Password protection
  • Low-profile design
  • File recovery
  • High read speed

8. Kingston Digital Data Traveler: Best USB Flash Drive For Music In Car

The DataTraveler Elite G2, a common USB drive with USB 3.1 connectivity, delivers super-fast read and write speeds and easily store your files. Best of all, it has an LED light to alert you when it is linked and data is being transmitted, so that you don’t have to think about what happens during use.

The system can transmit data at speeds of 180 MBps in versions ranging from 8GB to 256GB. You can also depend on the drive to transmit data at USB 2.0 speeds if you do not have USB 3.1 ports. The shipment model, which has a storage capacity of 64GB, is very reasonably priced for most use.

However, depending on the edition you choose, prices differ. The only 5-year warranty from the manufacturer isn’t the best, but it is overall one of the best available USB drives. This is the best flash drive for iPhone.

best encrypted flash drive

Key Features Of This Best USB Flash Drive 20201:

  • Compact in design
  • Robust
  • Affordable price
  • Great for students

9. SanDisk iXpand: Best Flash Drive For Macbook Pro

The iXpand 128GB SanDisk is the best iPhone drive we have. It provides a fast and simple way to save files wherever you are on your computer. The SanDisk app lets you easily pick the files from which you want to import and backup photo files quickly. Most USB/lightning drives we tested have close-glaciers, but with its USB link, the iXpand 128GB provides amazing speeds.

It has written a 5GB folder filled with smaller files in just over 6 minutes in our tests, making it a highly advanced one. The greatest disappointment with the iXpand is that it can take about 15 minutes or more to save images worth 5 GB of value while switching from the USB to the lightning. You can buy this USB flash drive bulk cheap using Amazon.

Also, the flexible rubber/plastic link between the two connections needs to be flexed to plug the discs into an iPhone. We do, however, believe the SanDisk iXpand 128 GB provides the best combination of efficiency, convenience, and price for anyone who wants to move files to and from his iPhone.

best usb 3 flash drive

Key Features Of This Best USB C Flash Drive:

  • Lightning speed
  • Great for iPhones
  • Highly durable connection
  • Automatic backup

10. PNY Turbo: Best Flash Drive To Buy

PNY’s famous Turbo flash drive is both sporty in design and extensive in storage, making it the perfect option for people traveling frequently and not fear losing their files. The USB 3.0 system provides up to 10 times the transmission speed on a USB 2.0-related drive. You should be able to store almost 48,000 songs on the computer and upload them easily for Turbo’s maximum capacity of 256GB.

The drive comes with a sliding collar feature that covers the connector when the drive is not in use. With the built-in loop, the PNY Turbo can be attached to a wrench or backpack to reduce the risk of mislocating the Turbo on your journey. All in all, the PNY Turbo provides a good combination of functionality, storage, and travel-friendly, making it one of the most advanced USB discs. It is the best encrypted flash drive.

The obvious drawback of the PNY Turbo 64GB is the decreased speed. It took 51 minutes to write our 5GB test folder full of small files on this drive. It took a little over 3 minutes to write a single 5GB video file but still to the back of the pack. It is not enough for people who regularly transfer large quantities of data via flash drives to this drive. The PNY Turbo 64GB is a fair price if you just want a model that you know will work for unusual times.

best usb 3 flash drive

Key Features Of This Best Keychain Flash Drive:

  • High-speed transfer speed
  • Keychain hole
  • Sliding collar technology
  • Backward compatible

Cloud Is Future But Store Files Like A Boss Using Best Flash Drive

The USB flash drive market in 2021 has no shortage of variability. The USB flash storage offers a unique combination of portability, flexibility, and transfer speed at very affordable rates, ranging from the safety of a fingerprint scanner to the vast storage capacity to share all your photos and video footage.

Although it might seem that USB drives are a dozen times more than their rivals, some models offer even higher speed and features. We hope that our article helped you in addressing the best flash drive that serves you well and is an accessory every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a better flash drive or thumb drive?

They are more durable than thumb drives and can withstand external damage, such as when you accidentally drop them. But, if you use your USB drive regularly, then you should probably consider thumb drives. While flash drives are more durable, they degrade every time you erase and reprogram their content.

Can you store photos on a flash drive?

Yes, you can store photos on a flash drive.