Amazing Places To Visit In Newfoundland And Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is the province you never expected to visit but will remember for the rest of your life once you do. You may not realize it right now, but trust us when we say that after just one visit, you will never forget it. We’re here to assist you to learn everything there is to know about the province that you never knew before. The province of Newfoundland and Labrador is located on Canada’s harsh Atlantic Coast and consists of the island of Newfoundland and the mainland of Labrador.

It extends up into Canada’s extreme north, making it one of the country’s most remote and sparsely populated provinces. There are various opportunities for animal observation, hiking, horseback riding, and kayaking in gorgeous surroundings. Furthermore, the people are kind and welcoming, the fishing villages are vibrant, and the sea views are constantly changing.

Newfoundland is stunning at any time of year, but the best months to visit are mid-June to August when the weather warms up and the locals emerge from their winter hibernation. Because Newfoundland and Labrador have a lot of countryside. And lodging options are limited. So book ahead of time to avoid any problems. Why wait? Just make air canada booking online (in any class) and save up to 45% off on a round trip! For your ease, listed down a top must-see place to visit in Newfoundland & Labrador!

Fogo Island 

I know Fogo Island has gotten a lot of press in recent years, but it’s for a good cause. This stunningly gorgeous rocky island off the coast of Newfoundland has some incredible tiny communities to visit. Fogo Island’s colorful cottages, sea-cliff walks, and lush forest are all worth seeing. 

Discover an island way of life

Get outside to really get a feel for how the islanders do things. Newfoundland has a plethora of fantastic hiking and walking paths, as well as numerous options to get out on the sea. There are 29,000 kilometers of natural coastline to explore, including beaches and sea stacks. There are both abandoned, old fishing villages and vibrant, working fishing communities brimming with color. There are also a number of outfitters where you may rent sea kayaks to explore the uninhabited cove..

Mountains you’ve never heard 

They are some of the most spectacular anywhere and can give the Rockies a run for their money in terms of sheer majesty. But the chances are you’ve never heard of them. There might be a good reason for that as the Torngat Mountains are much less accessible than the Rockies. In fact, Torngat Mountains National Park is one of the vast, untamed, unspoiled places left on Earth. The expansive wilderness region is home to polar bears, glaciers, and caribou, where the Inuit peoples are guardians of all the riches of the wilds.

J.T Cheeseman Provincial Park

We’re going to start in Newfoundland’s south. There are 16 kilometers of white sand beaches and salt water in this provincial park. You might even glimpse whales or porpoises from time to time! There’s also a unique bird called a piping plover, as well as their habitat. They are near-threatened and feed on sand from the shorelines. You can visit the Cape Ray Lighthouse, which was built in 1871, as well as the Cape Ray Museum, which contains information about an 1800-year-old Dorset Paleo Eskimo settlement! Camping, hiking, picnicking, swimming, and collecting seashells are just a few of the park’s attractions. 

Starry skies and Northern Lights

With a population density of only 1.4 persons per square kilometer, there are significant advantages. One of them is the absence of light pollution in a number of regions throughout the province. The clear stargazing is made possible by the dark heavens. The Terra Nova Dark Sky Preserve in Eastern Newfoundland is the place to go if you want to see the Milky Way. Northern Labrador (think the Torngat Mountains) is one of the best spots to see the magical Northern Lights. 


There are numerous advantages to having a population density of only 1.4 people per square kilometer. One of the greatest places to see the Northern Lights is Northern Labrador (think the Torngat Mountains). Don’t think much, pack your bags and book your trip to Canada with AirlinesMap and try visiting each of the above-listed places with family or friends!