9 Reasons Why You Should Take YouTube Vlogging as a Career?

“I have worked for a year on YouTube as my job. I didn’t manage to make as much as some YouTubers, but it’s been a lot of fun and the experience has been invaluable.” – This is what Zack Scott said about working as a vlogger, now let us find out how really important is YouTube Vlogging as a career and why we should take YouTube Vlogging seriously by using the YouTube Vlogging Cameras.

YouTube has changed the world and its face with time, in just 8 years it has become the largest video-sharing website with over 4 billion views per day and with more than 800 million unique visitors every month. The numbers speak for themselves, how unbelievably huge YouTube is as a video-sharing platform and as a network of advertisers, companies and vloggers. This proves how important it is for you to start earning from YouTube today itself, why wait any longer to make money?

James Shamsi’s Career Advice – “You can do anything with your life if you put your mind into it.”, this is what James Shamsi said about your second question, “Is YouTube Vlogging really a career?”, yes it’s. Here are the top 10 reasons to make you sit up and take YouTube vlogging seriously, as a real career option for you.

Following are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Take YouTube Vlogging as a Career.

(1) It’s not too late

No matter at what age, you can still start earning from YouTube right away by starting a vlog on any topic of your choice. You don’t have to be a teen or in the twenties to start this career, there are many 40+ aged successful vloggers on YouTube.

(2) YouTube is huge

YouTube has more than 800 million unique visitors every month, this is a great opportunity for you to open your own shop. You can start earning from this platform with just your mobile phone and an internet connection. Many of the world’s biggest brands are using YouTube as their primary video-sharing platform.

(3) No need of a degree

The good thing about YouTube is, you don’t have to study or be educated to take this career as a serious one. Anyone who knows how to speak English and use the internet can start earning from this platform without any educational qualification. Some professional skills related to your topic will always help you for sure, but it’s not a must.

(4) You are what you upload

YouTubers usually run their channels on topics which they love or find interesting, for example “horses”, “vintage cars”, mobile games etc., so if you choose vlogging as your career, then it means that you will become a “Vlogger” by uploading videos on your YouTube channel. It’s a great feeling to be known for something you are good at, isn’t it?

(5) Make money from any country

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform, so no matter where you live or what currency do you use, once your vlogs go viral and ad companies start paying for them then the money will always be in some other country’s currency which you can easily convert into yours with the help of some free online converter sites on the internet.

(6) You’ll get global audience

You don’t have to aim for million subscribers or billions of views every time when you upload something new on YouTube, just produce videos related to your topic of choice and upload them on your channel, what you have to do after that is just increase the number of views every time you upload something new. Remember there are billions of people online who will always be interested in watching your videos if they are good enough, so try hard to make it into the top 10 most viewed list on YouTube with great topics and awesome content.

(7) Can earn Money from any country

No matter where you are living or what currency do you use for money exchange, all of this is not important as long as your videos are getting views by people from other countries. You can easily earn money through PayPal or via some free online payment gateways available on Google’s search engine. Always remember about copyright laws and never use copyrighted stuff to make money from YouTube.

(8) You can do it full-time

You don’t have to work a regular 9 am-5 pm job and take up this as a part-time business, you can run your own successful YouTube channel as a full-time career if you do everything right from the beginning stages of your vlogging platform. All you need is getting more and more views every time you upload something new on YouTube, try not to waste any time in between uploading schedules as longer you take breaks between two uploads, longer it will take for people to notice your account and videos again.

(9) It’s fun

This is one of the most important reasons why most of the teenagers are crazy about making their own YouTube channel right after they complete their graduation. It’s fun to upload videos on this platform, it’s even more fun if your first few videos go viral and you start getting more subscribers on your channel every day, at the end I can say that it’s pure fun to run a successful YouTube channel which is why many of the people around the world enjoy this as a full-time profession.

Please note that some of these points are valid for other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. Please stay safe while creating your own social accounts on these platforms by avoiding cyberbullying or spamming activities. Thanks for reading!