7 Things to Avoid While Weight loss

7 things that you don’t have to do and by avoiding these things you can lose your weight these general tips help both men and women for their weight loss. So the first thing that you don’t have to do is do not to eat rice and Roti together.

1. Do not eat Rice and Roti together

Rice is that meal which is gain your weight if you eat rice regularly. So keep remembering you should avoid rice and also avoid Roti and Rice together. You should eat out of one so don’t eat together Roti and rice. You can eat rice but a gap of 3-4 days. After eating you drink hot water.

2. you have to do is avoid “oily food”

You should avoid oily food as much as possible because it will increase your weight. Oily foods have high calories and it is unhealthy food. Oily food like Puri, Chhole, Bhature which contain high oil avoids oily food not only for your weight loss but also by avoiding it one can get pimple-free skin. You don’t eat oily food on regular basis much oily food big reason for your weight gain.

3. Avoid Junk food

Our mouth makes water when we see junk food. We all like too much junk food either child or adult every one like eat junk food especially those things which are fry in oil and spicy. But these are the not healthy food these foods contain high calories. Not only oily food but also avoid Junk food it is high calories so you don’t eat much pizza, burger, Roll, Samosa, and other foods.

4. Bread

If you want to lose weight so you don’t eat much white bread because it contains high sugar that is the cause of your weight gain and If a person eats white bread daily gain a high weight.

5. Do not eat many French fries

French fries are a trend in these days children, youngsters, adults everybody loves this food. They eat these foods on regular basis. That is a big reason for weight gain. French fries are high in calories. Because it also fries into oil generally same oil use fries many times that is not good for health.

6. Laziness

Laziness played an important role in your weight gain a person who is lethargic and he doesn’t any activities he doesn’t go in the park for walking, he doesn’t any work at home, he doesn’t exercise and he just only lies on his bed so if you are always live laziness so you make a way for weight gain so you do activities and keep slim.

7. Do not eat over

It is always good to have something eat it is good for our health but eat differently and eat that food which contains vitamins and protein. Not that you are eating chowmein, burger, sometimes rice, sometimes Roti, etc things throughout the day. You can add an appetite suppressant formula. One should eat at a limit that is also the things that are good for our health.  These foods are the cause of weight gain so do not eat over.

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