5 Ways to Use Social Listening to Solve Problems and Generate Leads

Effective online marketing and social listening requires hard work. There is a lot of content and competition fighting for your target customers’ attention. Thus, how do you ensure your business stands out? It all begins with research. If you want your business to stand out, you must know your audience, who they follow, the content they want, and the conversations they hold online. And social listening comes in at this point. Social listening helps you to understand your audience better to enhance your digital marketing. Besides, it’s a great tool to help you make social sales, improve customer service, and monitor brand reputation. 

Below are five ways you can use social listening to solve problems and generate leads.

1.Position Your Message- Learn Your Audience’s Language

Social Listening
Position Your Message

To reach your potential clients and turn them into active customers, you have to speak their language. Only then you will manage to position your message in a relevant way to those ready to connect with your service or product. Begin by collecting data on your target market. Search their profiles for common interests and characteristics. Then use your chosen social analytics tool to find common words or phrases you can trace. From here, you will learn what your audience likes, the type of content they already have, and what competitor pages they have joined. With this knowledge, develop personalized content that uses the same language as your target audience.

2.Launch a Social Lead-Gathering Campaign

Social Listening
Gathering Campaign

Now that you know your customers and what they need, it’s time to create an ongoing listening campaign. Find the keywords your audience might use when searching for a product/service and trace those terms across Social Listening groups and forums. Join the discussions and learn more about any potential consumers’ needs and expectations. Later, start reaching out and engaging with people interested in your services or products.

3.Engage With Influencers

Influencer marketing can help your business grow exponentially. When you work with an influencer with similar objectives as yours, you get an opportunity to tap into their massive influence and reach. Social listening helps you connect and engage with such influencers. 

Social Listening
Engage With Influencers

Check the keywords and hashtags often used by influencers in your field and add them to your monitoring tool, trace the data, and constantly analyze posts of those actively influencing the community. Then, launch an outreach campaign and reach out to them on social media or via email. Collaboration can help you enter a new market or increase awareness around a product or service suitable for the influencers’ community.

4.Improve Customer Care

Social Listening
Improve Customer Care

With social listening, you can quickly recognize negative and positive feedback and respond to complaints or questions. Monitor your brand name without or with the @ symbol, track general auto-correct misspellings for your business name, and observe your website mentions. By doing this, you get an opportunity to appreciate your clients for positive comments or find and respond to disappointed clients.

5.Analyze Your Competitors

Social Listening
Analyze Your Competitors

Competitor analysis is a great way to determine what marketing strategies work without spending time or money on experimenting. It gives you valuable insights into what type of content attracts the audience, gets more shares or flops. As a result, this information helps you improve your marketing techniques as you learn more about your niche and target customers. 

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