5 Things You Should Know About The Wall Tapestries

When used in creative ways, they can add a bit of bold style to a room that we appreciate the most. It is with great pleasure that I present you this article, in which we will take a closer look at the tapestry, answering frequently asked questions, and renew your appreciation for its brilliance.

The Wall Tapestry: What Is It?

Are you ready? Tapestries were woven fabric with intricate designs that were large and were used in the past as textiles. As a kind of illustrated insulation, they served in the winter to keep drafty old castles warm by insulating them with illustrations.

Even though many woven tapestries can still be found in today’s world, the word wall tapestry has now become a generic term for any piece of fabric that is intended to hang on the wall.

The tapestries we sell are lightweight and made from a silky poly fabric that, while ineffective at keeping your castle warm, are a great way to add a little bit of color.

Where Should I Hang One?

Tapestries make for an excellent conversation starter and are a great statement piece. Adding them to your home’s décor can be a great addition, but they do best when hung in an area where they can be seen.

In our experience, one of the best places to use them is above a couch, bed, or mantel OR up against a smaller wall to create the illusion of wallpaper.

What’s The Best Way To Hang It Up?

We have some excellent ideas for you, so it’s funny you asked. We actually devoted a whole post to it! There are some really great hanging tip images on the site, but if you do not want to be creative this evening, we find that a good quality pair of thumbtacks on each corner should work just fine.

How Should I Take Care Of It?

The tapestry that you will receive in the mail will come with some serious wrinkles on it. To remove these, it is advised to use a steamer, however, if you don’t possess one of those handy tools, I recommend buying one.

If you need to iron it on cool, you can all you need to do is throw it in the dryer with a damp washcloth and that should be enough.

You can also throw your beloved tapestry in the wash (cold water, gentle cycle) if you happen to accidentally drink a little too much wine during a marathon viewing of Game Of Thrones. Then just dry it at a low temperature. The STARK FAMILY is not going to be the same after it’s been renovated (unlike the STARK FAMILY).

Do They Have Any Other Uses?

It does not matter whether tapestries are labeled as “wall tapestries” or not, because they can be used in many ways. It has been my pleasure to show you some truly amazing tapestry-tricks, including the following:

  • For a quick refresh, you can cover your comforter with a sheet
  • Which will also serve as a table cloth when needed?
  • This can be easily pinned around an old headboard for a new look
  • That can be hung up as a dream backdrop for taking selfies.

Attractive Designs For Wall Tapestry

There are many different designs, patterns, and colors of wall tapestries, which makes choosing them difficult. Always choose wall tapestries in bright colors, colors that complement the walls, when searching for such a tapestry. These 5 types of wall tapestries can be excellent wall decoration.

Hippie Wall Tapestry For Decoration

“Hippie” refers to a crazy pattern. You can express your home’s luxuries with hippie tapestries. Adding a happy print to an otherwise boring wall is a wonderful idea. There are many types of Wall Tapestries available in cool colors. Depending on the texture of the wall and your personal preferences, you may choose the right marching Hippie tapestry.

Omber Floral Wall Tapestry

The Omber Floral Tapestry is also beautiful. An instant fit for any home decor, it combines boho and hippie styles. It can be used as a bedcover, tablecloth, ceiling cover, and curtains, as well as for hanging outside your main door. It will bring new life to your dull rooms. It is possible to choose any size and design for the Omber Floral Wall tapestry

Sun Moon Tapestry

A Sun-Moon Tapestry can provide your home with an ancient vibe. A tapestry-like this complements any type of decor in a room. Sun and Moon’s patterns add positivity to your home as well. Decorate your home with this Tapestry pattern if you want to add a charm to it. Your home will seem spacious when you use it.